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Let me tell you the "light language" when driving, you can know 3 types under "flash one", "flash tw

The language of car lights refers to a conventional and tacit understanding of car lights. Light language is like the hand gestures of traffic police, it is a silent language used in the world. If you want to become a qualified driver, driving a car safely is only the most basic skill. In fact, there is a lot more to know about driving. If you don't understand, it's easy to make a joke. For example, the "light language" when driving, if the other party does not want to honk the horn to signal, but just flashes the lights, you must know what the other party wants to express. This is basically a necessary skill for experienced drivers. When driving, other vehicles will also flash their lights to remind you, so try to read what others are saying. You should be familiar with the "language of lights" when driving. "Flashes once, twice and three times" each have different meanings.

Let me tell you the light language when driving, you can know 3 types under flash one, flash tw 1

First, let’s talk about what it means to “flash” your car lights. This is also often used in driving, where many people should be in this situation. When this happens, it's mostly oncoming cars. When two cars meet, if the lights on the road are dim and the two cars are far apart, the other party usually flashes its lights to indicate that there is a car ahead. There is another situation where some drivers also like to flash when the car is turning, which can minimize the risk factor.

Let me tell you the light language when driving, you can know 3 types under flash one, flash tw 2

"Double flashing lights" is also often encountered in daily driving, because when driving at night, the visibility of some roads is poor, and many drivers will choose to slow down. If someone behind wants to overtake, they usually flash their lights twice to tell the car in front: I am about to overtake, please be ready, keep to the right or slow down. In addition, there is another situation where the lights flash twice, that is, when two cars meet, if the road is relatively narrow, basically only one car is allowed to pass first. If the other party is not conducive to parking, they will usually send out this "whisper", hoping that you can park in a spacious place first and let yourself pass first.

Let me tell you the light language when driving, you can know 3 types under flash one, flash tw 3

The lighting language of "flash three times" is relatively difficult to encounter. Many people may know the meaning of the first two flashes, but they may not know much about the first three flashes, because ordinary people rarely do this kind of thing. If the car behind you flashes three times in a row while driving, as a driver, you should pay attention, because these three flashing lights are to remind you to pay attention to safety, which can be understood as a safety warning light. There may be an accident in the car behind or at the car owner's home. He is in a hurry and needs to drive quickly. Please avoid the car and let him pass first.

Let me tell you the light language when driving, you can know 3 types under flash one, flash tw 4

Drivers not only need to learn to control their vehicles, but they also need to learn to read the signals from other vehicles on the road. No matter what the situation is when driving at night, using high-beam headlights is easy to be annoying, and this behavior also has great safety risks.

So everyone remember to drive safely when driving. Hello, me, and everyone. You’ve all seen this, please like and comment to express your different opinions~!

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