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Lexus LFA, Has Always Been the Most Underestimated! but a Supercar That Has Never Been Surpassed! It Has No Speed Limit!

Lexus LFA: the most underestimated modern super runIn just a moment, the V10 engine roared and easily shifted at 9000rpm. I glanced at the L-shaped Lexus sign on the steering wheel and turned freely on the winding road. I even began to doubt whether I had crossed another dimension.I can't believe I'm driving a Lexus. When you drive the Lexus LFA, you will inevitably realize the gap between cognition and reality. After all, it is an unusual, unspeakable but deeply underestimated cosmic car. Many car fans have heard of LFA, but few can understand it.

Lexus LFA, Has Always Been the Most Underestimated! but a Supercar That Has Never Been Surpassed! It Has No Speed Limit! 1

Maybe many people can't accept that the price of this sports car is $375000, which is already the price of a Lamborghini aventador. Its custom body is made of carbon fiber composites, equipped with a high-speed, small-size 4.8L self-priming engine (supervised by Yamaha, who is good at racing) and a sequential gearbox. Lexus later launched a stronger and more expensive LFA Nurburgring package for the New Berlin track, setting the fastest track record. Between 2010 and 2012, LFA sold only 500 vehicles worldwide.And all this comes from the brand that dares to drive on the road every time it makes a car. Who can think of it? Then the problem comes. You must wonder what Lexus (or its parent company Toyota) is doing. Now that you have asked questions in good faith, I will tell you clearly: no matter what they want to do, they can't change the fact that LFA is a wild, strong and indisputable super sports car.

Not a luxury car, not a GT, not a land cruiser, but a sports car, super sports car. It is the closest Japanese car to Ferrari. It was created by a group of people who watched Gunda grow up, but it surpassed the original NSX and surpassed the Dodge Viper for 30 years. It is also a model of Nissan gt-r. You may now know how exciting the engine and exhaust noise of LFA formula F1 racing level is. In fact, the whole car, from head to toe, is a cow. The car name itself implies "bull roaring". LFA = Lexus is crazy.

But the owner of this iron gray car is not Lexus, but a warm and friendly friend of jalopnik in Austin. He doesn't want to be named, but he is a good driver under his approachable appearance. As a man with such wealth, he is very modest. His daily car is also a Toyota truck or Honda sports motorcycle. But when he faced the temptation of LFA, he didn't hesitate to give me a ride. Later, he kindly gave me a ride.

He said that everything began with the roar. "As soon as I hear that noise, I can't extricate myself," he explained to me the attractiveness of LFA, and said that he seemed to have seen the "money" waving to him, but before changing hands, he would enjoy it and maybe not sell it. "I'll take it as a rational financial investment," he laughed, and car fans always comfort themselves with excuses. He also said he would never put the car in any thermostatic garage. This kind of sports car belongs to the highway, and he also decided to make the best value for money.

Lexus LFA, Has Always Been the Most Underestimated! but a Supercar That Has Never Been Surpassed! It Has No Speed Limit! 2

No matter why you drive LFA, pull the wind or go crazy, you can't expect people to know the real ability of this car. Its design concept is full of Japanese style: work is greater than form, and technology is higher than beauty. Every uplift, every depression, every sharp corner and every streamline are designed considering aerodynamics. Its central three-way exhaust pipe looks so dangerous that it must have a special license in some states to own it.Since ancient times, sports cars are like Batman cars, but LFA is the real "batcar", especially the black one. Sitting in the borrowed Volkswagen Golf R MK6, from the back (especially from the back), I really look forward to a man in a black leather coat and a black cloak rushing to beat me up, grabbed my collar and asked me "where are the drugs!!!", which is very dark and violent.But what is really worth pondering is the body material: carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is everywhere. The frame, hood, hood support rod and steering wheel are all carbon fiber. The extensive use of this composite material reduces the total weight of the car by more than 1 ton. In fact, Toyota produces LFA to see what scientific and technological achievements can be achieved by using carbon fiber, so this car is customized on demand.

As long as you have technology, you can't do it. I bet there must be a carbon fiber Wharf in front of Akio Toyoda's house. Who told people to have this ability. This design concept is also reflected in the interior of the car. There are types and models. Simplicity is not simple. Although it is a little narrow, it is still comfortable. But even if the center console is replaced by a huge touch screen, the internal equipment of LFA is still a little backward.

Every small detail reflects the designer's good intentions, such as the door handle with great design texture and the shiny aluminum alloy pedal. But its navigation system really doesn't know what to do. Since driving is the real fun of the car, why bother to drive the navigation? Pull it. Another point I have to mention is the analog-to-digital tachometer above the steering wheel. Because the speed of the engine is too fast and exceeds the response limit of the pointer tachometer, it has to be simulated and displayed on the LCD screen. High end foreign style and good-looking. But I definitely don't suggest you stare at it while driving. We'd better look at the road.

Later, I was unwilling to just look at it from a distance, so I asked to drive a few laps. The owner taught me how to start hand in hand: turn the car key, pull back the gear lever, press the start button, and then the work will be handed over to the hungry engine. I know it will be a memorable driving experience. So what kind of experience is LFA driving? Let me give you a hint: it has no speed limit! It has no speed limit!Put aside all the impressions of Lexus in your mind, comfortable and luxurious, tall and stable, forget it. This car broke all worldly opinions and completed a gorgeous turn. This is a car that can let you release your nature. It's wilder than the McLaren 650s I drove on the same road earlier this year. LFA will never hold you back or play good cards. Once on the road, it is a roaring beast.

When you want to pee and haven't opened the trouser chain, its speed has reached the 9000rpm red line. Once you grasp the steering wheel, the car is driving you, not you. The strong feeling of pushing your back also makes people's adrenal glands soar sharply. The compact V10 engine is as heavy as the V6, but it has 552hp horsepower output and 480nm peak torque. It is said that the breaking time is only a little more than 3.5 seconds. Unlike other super runs, LFA does not hesitate to release its wild. Its top speed is said to reach 202mph (about 325km / h), but I couldn't test it myself.

Part of its powerful power experience comes from the 6-speed semi-automatic transmission. When shifting gears, whether automatic or manual, it responds positively, quickly and smoothly. Moderation is not the style of LFA. Whether it is a strong enemy now or before, it is Pediatrics compared with LFA. It's not as smooth and delicate as Porsche or Ferrari, but it's fast enough and strong enough. Reverse gear is a small button on the left of the instrument panel.The roar of V10 engine hovers around the mountains. The owner is right. Everything about LFA is wonderful and unspeakable, but its roar is what really moves you. It restores the temptation of F1 racing. It is not the turbocharged F1 racing car that is now condemned by the population, but the F1 racing car that had to be watched with earplugs. That kind of noise can be summed up in two words: it's my life. Sitting in the back and listening to the engine is the best experience in the world.But its engine, gearbox and too primitive characteristics have also caused some problems. It is difficult to find the most effective point of the power band on the winding path in Texas, so that the car can drive through the curve more easily. The requirements for the transmission device are also relatively high. It must be maintained at high speed, but this is not a good thing for v10.

Like Honda VTEC, LFA is basically in a high speed state. Unlike Viper or even Corvette stingray, it can release strong torque at the beginning. You must do it yourself and soar to the peak speed to make it really high. You also have to ensure that you can't be scared by its powerful power and roar. To make an LFA play to the extreme, it takes time to run in, at least more time than I spend. We must find out its temper before we can find its hidden skills. I didn't even know its performance on the road, so it ranked first on my last wish list.

LFA is an absolutely amazing and charming car. Although it is limited, underestimated and has large and small problems, it can definitely stand the test of time, be independent of the world and stand out from the crowd. However, all this raises a question to us - can LFA be regarded as a successful Lexus car? I don't know. It depends on how to define success. Indeed, it does not achieve the ultimate effect of Audi R8. It is too rare, too expensive and unique. Lexus has never seen an ultra-high performance vehicle since LFA, and we have not seen the emergence of civil mass production vehicles made of carbon fiber. And even if it's fast, where can it go? That's right, but I still suggest that if you have the opportunity, you must open the LFA, lift the hood, experience the fine carbon fiber with your own eyes and listen to the sound of the engine with your own ears. You'll understand me.

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