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Lightning Protection Measures for Solar Street Lamps

Fang lightning protection measures for solar street lampsThe reason why it is called the silica gel pad Fang water touch switch is that it changes the structure of the traditional Fang water touch switch, which uses the pot piece as the conductor, and uses silica gel instead of the pot piece. Later, it is called the silica gel pad Fang water touch switch.The fanglei work of solar street lamp is different from that of ordinary street lamp, mainly because the response speed of LED is faster than that of ordinary street lamp, and the voltage bearing capacity is smaller than that of ordinary street lamp.

Lightning Protection Measures for Solar Street Lamps 1

The Fang lightning arrester is mainly designed according to the power supply voltage. In lightning weather, the circuit of LED street lamp passes through a sudden peak voltage or current due to electrostatic induction or electromagnetic induction, which affects and smashes the LED street lamp equipment.In areas where open, high mountains and thunderstorms often occur, Fang Lei method. So what are the considerations?1. Solar street lamp grounding: Yes, the rod body is used as the drainage fluid. The grounding grid is based on the geological soil, and the grounding resistance is less than 1 ohm. Therefore, it is necessary to select a suitable ledfang lightning arrester to protect the surge overvoltage of the power line, and there is a large area of LED street lamp lightning damage in the same region. 2. Circuit: install photovoltaic DC Fang lightning arrester.

3. Fang direct lightning strike: use the rod body as the lightning arrester. Thunderstorms occur for a long time. How to do a good job in lightning protection for solar street lamps is also a test for many solar street lamp manufacturers.Characteristics and installation precautions of solar street lamps in villageOver the years, the company has produced potentiometers and touch switches, and the company's precision dragon potentiometers and other products have been widely praised. The R & D, production and sales of touch switches are in the industry.

Rural solar street lamp is an indispensable equipment for new rural construction. What are the characteristics of our rural solar street lamp?Convenience: the installation is simple and does not require stringing or; There is no fear of power failure and power restriction.: No, fire and other accidents. High grade: scientific and technological products, green energy, and users attach importance to science and technology, green image and grade.

: the product has high scientific and technological content, control system, accessories, intelligent design and high quality.:, no noise, no noise.Less investment: X investment is equivalent to AC investment (AC investment is from substation, incoming power, control box, cable, engineering, etc.), which can be used for a long time.

Lightning Protection Measures for Solar Street Lamps 2

: provide electric energy by solar photoelectric conversion, which is inexhaustible and inexhaustible.Precautions for rural solar street lamp installation1. When threading, pay attention not to clamp the conductor at the connection of the lamp pole. The connection of the conductor shall be connected and wrapped with PVC tape.

2. Solar street lamps in new rural areas use the sun as energy, and whether the sun shines on the photocell modules is sufficient directly affects the lighting of the lamps. Therefore, when selecting the installation position of the lamps, the solar cell modules can irradiate the sun in a time period, and there is no shelter such as leaves.3. When in use, in order to observe and the battery module can receive the sun well, please clean the dust on the battery module every half a year, but do not wash it with water from bottom to top.

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