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"Little Car Knowledge" Things about foggy headlights

First of all, let’s talk about fogging. Fogging (such as fogging on bathroom glass or glasses in winter) is a very common physical phenomenon. Simply put, its principle is that water molecules in the air condense into small droplets when encountering cold objects.

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fog in life

Urgent, why are my headlights fogging up?

structural reasons

Dust-proof holes and breathable membrane

The front combination lights of our 18 new Emgrand and Vision S1 models are halogen headlights as standard. Taking into account air pressure, heat dissipation and other factors, the back cover of the headlights is designed with a breathable film. The rear combination lights also have a similar vent structure.

When it rains or the air humidity is high, a small amount of water molecules will enter the headlights through the breathable holes/breathable film. But don't worry, when the car is driving or the headlights are turned on, the temperature inside the lampshade will rise, and the water vapor will pass through the dust holes. /The breathable film is emitted; then the question arises, why is there still fog inside the lamp? ? ?

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Analysis of headlight fogging structure

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environmental reasons

Humidity and temperature difference

Although a small amount of water vapor can be emitted by turning on the lights and driving normally, but as the saying goes, no matter how skilled you are, you are still afraid of the kitchen knife. When the air humidity is very high, and the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the headlight is large, the water vapor will not have time to discharge from the lamp cavity. In the light distribution Fog forms on the mirror.

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It’s good weather even if it rains

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Especially recently, the weather across the country has been cloudy and rainy for a long time, with high air humidity and low temperatures. At this time, fog may follow.

Man-made causes

Wading, car washing

In addition, in addition to changes in weather, human factors can also cause fogging of car lights, such as vehicles wading in water, car washing, etc.

1. When the vehicle is wading through water, since the engine and exhaust system themselves are relatively large heat sources, rainwater will form a large amount of water vapor on them. Some of the water vapor will enter the headlights along the breather pipe.

2. Car washing is more straightforward. Some car owners like to use a high-pressure water gun to wash the engine compartment and watch the mud and leaves being knocked back one by one by the high-pressure water gun in their hands. After flushing, for the engine

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If the water in the cabin is not treated, after the hatch cover is closed, the water vapor trapped in the engine compartment may enter the headlight.

Okay, so much nonsense, what should we do?

How to do it?

➤ If there is fog or water stains in the car lights, use the headlights more when the weather is fine, and the water stains in the lights will disappear naturally (the water vapor will disperse faster at a certain vehicle speed);

➤ Never bake the headlights after fogging, because the exterior of the headlights are made of plastic, and the extra heat can easily bake the lampshades, and most of this damage is irreparable.

➤ For cleaning work in the engine compartment, we should wipe it with cotton or cloth, or use high-pressure air blowing to avoid "moisture" in the engine part as much as possible.

PS: Headlight fogging will not affect the service life of the lights but

If there are a lot of water marks in the lamp that cannot be dissipated through the above methods, please go to the Geely 4S store for inspection.

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(For specific information, please refer to the vehicle model manual and Geely technical standards)

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