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Maintenance class: How to deal with fogging and water in the headlights

Early winter is mildly cold, the weather turns cooler, the temperature difference between day and night becomes larger, and rain and fog also become more common. For those who own cars, driving will become less comfortable. We would like to remind all car owners to pay attention to driving safety.

Maintenance class: How to deal with fogging and water in the headlights 1

In winter, there are frequent rains and large temperature changes, which may cause fogging and water intrusion in the car lights. How should we deal with this situation? First we need to understand the cause.

Maintenance class: How to deal with fogging and water in the headlights 2

Generally speaking, we think that car lights are sealed, but in fact they are mostly semi-closed structures (there is a vent pipe on the back cover of the headlights). Its advantage is that the lamp body has ventilation holes, and the headlight cavity is breathable to the outside world. This allows the pressure of the lamp to be balanced in the two states of lighting and extinguishing, maintaining the normal operation and stability of the headlight. However, the disadvantage is that moisture May enter the cavity during ventilation cycles.

The reason why there is water mist in the car lamp is because the water vapor inside the lamp condenses in the form of film and water droplets on the surface of the mask that is lower than its saturation temperature. That is, the water vapor encounters the lamp cover under certain conditions and vapor-liquids on its surface. The result of conversion. The principle is the same as the fact that windows tend to become foggy after turning on the heating indoors in winter. Fogging of car lights will generally dissipate naturally after 1 to 1.5 hours and does not require special treatment.

Maintenance class: How to deal with fogging and water in the headlights 3

Unlike fogging, water in the headlights is often caused by poor sealing leading to internal water accumulation. The sealing structure design of automobile lamps generally involves the following three aspects: the sealing design of the lamp itself; the sealing design between the lamp end and the wiring harness end plug-in; the gap and surface difference between the lamp and the body. If these three are not handled properly, they may lead to water accumulation problems.

Obviously, water in the headlights is a more serious problem. For example, it may cause the brightness of the car lights to decrease or short-circuit. If you don't pay attention at ordinary times, it will be dangerous if this problem occurs at night. If the car lights are not on, you will be fined if you are caught (in some areas, you will be fined 300 and 3 points, which is not small) ), or more seriously, it may cause a car accident.

Maintenance class: How to deal with fogging and water in the headlights 4

Therefore, if you encounter water accumulation, it is recommended to remove the headlight assembly for inspection to see if there are cracks or other damage to the lights, and then check whether there is a problem with the sealant of the lampshade. For example, aging of the sealing rubber strip will cause elasticity. decline, resulting in loose sealing.

Pay special attention to the fact that the headlights must not be baked directly after water has entered the car. Doing so can easily damage the headlights, because the exterior of the headlights are made of plastic material, and high heat can easily bake the lampshades, and this The damage is mostly irreparable. If no abnormality is found, it is recommended to go to the 4S store for inspection in time and replace the sealing strip and vent pipe of the rear light cover.

Maintenance class: How to deal with fogging and water in the headlights 5


Due to the limitations of the structure and working principle of the car lights, the problem of fogging or water accumulation in the car cannot be completely avoided at this stage. Especially for behaviors that are very harmful to the car, such as wading, we must start from ourselves and strengthen our awareness of maintenance.

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