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Manufacturing Method of Electroplating Flowers

With the obvious improvement of people's living standards, the flower market came into being. It has not only become a "living" art and craft decoration for families, but also a "meeting gift" for friends. However, although flowers are beautiful and fragrant, they can not last in full bloom, which is really unforgettable.If we can keep the strange flowers in bud or in full bloom in nature in front of people forever for people to enjoy and appreciate beauty regardless of season, it will be fun.Electroplating flowers is to truthfully keep the praiseworthy flowers in nature for people to watch for a long time.

Manufacturing Method of Electroplating Flowers 1

Electroplating flowers can open up a new market for art crafts and make family decoration more colorful.It is not only suitable for factory production, but also suitable for personal self-made. Now the production methods of electroplated flowers are briefly introduced as follows for readers' reference.1. Equipment and materials

Plating bath (batch production) or glassware (test or single electroplating), 6V power supply, ammeter, bare copper wire (diameter: 1.0 1.5mm), distilled water, concentrated copper sulfate solution, copper rod, dilute stannous chloride, dilute sulfuric acid, pure alcohol, formaldehyde solution with concentration of 36%, ammonia solution with concentration of 4% and silver nitrate solution with concentration of 4%. The amount of the above solution depends on the amount of flowers plated.2. Pretreatment before plating(1) Select a hard, beautiful and intact flower and green leaf, and soak it in strong soapy water for 20 30 minutes;

(2) Rinse it with clean water after taking it out, remove it with clean water, and then soak it in chaos alcohol for 10 minutes;(3) The fresh flowers soaked in alcohol shall be soaked in dilute stannous chloride (reducing agent) solution for 30 seconds, and then taken out and rinsed in distilled water until they are clean;(4) At the same time, put a 4% silver nitrate solution into another beaker or glassware. The amount of silver nitrate solution depends on the size of the plated flowers. In principle, it is subject to soaking the flowers. Then drop 4% ammonia drop by drop. The amount of ammonia dropped is until the initial precipitation is dissolved, which is called silver ammonia solution;

(5) Take out the flowers from distilled water, put them into silver ammonia solution, and then drip 36% formaldehyde solution;The proportional relationship between silver ammonia solution and formaldehyde solution is: 1000ml silver ammonia solution, 120 drops of formaldehyde solution;(6) After soaking the plated flowers in the above mixed solution for 2 3 minutes, take them out and rinse them with clean water, then the flowers and green leaves are silvery white.

Manufacturing Method of Electroplating Flowers 2

3. Electroplating processIn batch production, the electroplating device is a plating tank. In experimental or single electroplating, glassware can be used.The production process of electroplated flowers is:

(1) Put a concentrated copper sulfate solution that can overflow the flowers to be plated into the plating tank or glassware, and add a small amount of dilute sulfuric acid;(2) The flower treated before plating is wound with bare copper wire on its pedicel and put into copper sulfate solution as cathode;(3) The copper rod is also put into the copper sulfate solution as the anode of electroplating;

(4) Connect an ammeter in series in the 6V DC circuit to connect the circuit;(5) Adjust the distance between the flowers and the copper rod to control the current between 0.6 1A;(6) The electroplating time is 3 4 minutes, and then take it out and rinse it with clean water to obtain long-lasting natural flowers that can be preserved for a long time.

Electroplated flowers can be used as family decorations and tourist souvenirs, or as gifts for relatives and friends.The plated flowers shall be placed in transparent vessels to prevent dust pollution. If the electronic controlled flashing lights are placed in the vessel, the electroplated flowers will shine brightly and dazzling.When several small holes are opened on the transparent cover and filled with spices, electroplated flowers will smell fragrant and more worthy of the name.

The schematic diagram of the device for electroplating flowers is shown in Figure 6-1.Figure 6-1With this method, not only flowers, but also strange plants and fruits can be plated; It can not only be plated with copper, but also chromium, zinc, etc.

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