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New Upgrade of Maker Fire Litebee Wing Programming Building Block UAV

Creative development of various combinationsEasy learning of graphic programmingFree switching and flexible application

New Upgrade of Maker Fire Litebee Wing Programming Building Block UAV 1

Enrich course teaching without worryOverall scheme of professional eventsExploration of expanding portfolio interest

Real time image transmission of mobile phone controlPrecision hover stunt flightDouble protection and double safety

inventoryProduct information (single machine)Litebee wing is a programming building block UAV designed for young students aged 8-16. It adopts building block construction design, graphic programming learning, supporting professional courses and competition schemes. It is a multifunctional UAV product integrating teaching, training, textual research and competition in the field of UAV maker education.

Litebee wing programming building block UAV, starting from interest and multi-disciplinary integration, can effectively stimulate students' potential and creativity. Students learn easily and achieve success; The teacher teaches easily and combines teaching with fun.This paper illustrates the source of maker fire UAVCreative development of various combinations

New Upgrade of Maker Fire Litebee Wing Programming Building Block UAV 2

The whole machine adopts building block splicing shape and multi axle variable distance structure designSupport individual DIY creative constructionMore playability

It is very suitable for UAV assembly teaching and basic knowledge learningSatisfy students' curiosity at the initial stage of contact with UAVCultivate innovation ability and stimulate creativity

Easy learning of graphic programmingSpecial litebee go graphical programming softwareLow learning threshold, easy to understand, offline learning

Novices can also easily complete personalized programming tasksEffectively improve students' logical thinking ability and problem-solving abilityIn addition, it also supports Python language programming to control UAV

Develop more high-level playing methods and realize more creative ideasFree switching and flexible applicationSingle machine can carry out programming teaching and simulation training

Or complete professional events such as UAV programming competition, challenge competition and task competitionMeet various teaching and competition needsAt the same time, through product transformation or firmware upgrade

It can also quickly realize the learning and flight of multi aircraft formationFlexible application and changeable scenesBring a new experience to UAV Education

Enrich course teaching without worrySupporting the development of rich curriculum resourcesFrom UAV basic knowledge to UAV assembly

Then to UAV programming, formation and other professional courses and booksFrom entry level to advanced version, and then to advanced versionMultidisciplinary integration, open research

Step by step, teaching in funMake AI education easierOverall scheme of professional events

The products cooperate with the national UAV professional events recognized by the Ministry of educationDevelop a dedicated UAV event packageCreate a perfect event system

At the same time, professional UAV training, Grade Verification and other services are introducedForm a complete and efficientOverall solution for UAV maker Education

Exploration of expanding portfolio interestThe host is equipped with multifunctional expansion interfaceIt can be externally connected with buzzer, LED lamp, magnetic attraction module, obstacle avoidance module and other electronic modules

Upgrade the UAVRealize the interactive application of light and musicAnd the exploration of new scenes and new playing methods such as maze and airdrop

Deep development of cutting-edge technology, learning while playingUnlock more AI applicationsReal time image transmission of mobile phone control

With 8 million HD camerasCooperate with app to control UAVRealize real-time image transmission and viewing

Record the first view in the air anytime, anywhereCapture wonderful moments and experience more real flight experiencePrecision hover stunt flight

Equipped with optical flow camera to achieve accurate hovering in the airAt the same time, it can take off, land, bounce and 360 rotation smoothly with one keyEasily realize all kinds of stunt flights

Simple operation and smooth flightDouble protection and double safetyBuilt in low power protection and emergency landing function

Real time monitoring of aircraft power shortageFlight interference and direction deviationIntelligent start, automatic protection landing, safer flight

At the same time, it is equipped with a new and upgraded high-strength propeller protection ringEffectively protect students' flight safetyinventory

Product information (single machine)More UAV STEAM education information, can be concerned about the official account "create a fire drone".

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