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One article explains everything about car headlights!

It is said that car lights are the "eyes" of your car, but do you understand its use? Do you know how to use car lights correctly? How to modify and upgrade car lights?

One article explains everything about car headlights! 1

01 Question: What is the impact of Beijing Hyundai replacing the halogen headlights on the original car with LED headlights?

Hello, you can replace the LED bulb. It is best to have the same wattage as the original car bulb. There will be no other effects. If you want to replace it, we recommend that you go to the local 4S store for installation. After-sales service is guaranteed~

02 Question: The fifth-generation Tucson L, when the headlights are turned to automatic mode, why are the low beams and daytime running lights always on?

Hello, you can check to see if there is a raised sensor in the middle of the instrument near the glass that is covered by something. If it is covered, it will light up.

03Q: How to use the vehicle’s automatic headlights?

Turn the headlight switch to the auto position. When the vehicle starts, the headlights will automatically turn off during the day and turn on at night. You can try it~

04 Question: The driving lights of the 21 Hyundai ix35 don’t light up. What’s wrong with turning on the headlights?

Hello, the daytime running lights will automatically light up after the vehicle is ignited. However, it will automatically go out when the handbrake is applied, and light up again when the handbrake is released. You can find out by observing.

05Q: When the Yuena headlights are set to automatic mode, does it cost electricity to turn off the vehicle?

Hello, when the headlights are in automatic mode, when the power to the vehicle is turned off, the headlights will also automatically power off, so you can use it with confidence~

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