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Professional lighting modification knowledge How to modify car lights? How to choose to change the l

Professional lighting modification knowledge How to modify car lights? How to choose to change the l 1

First: What is the purpose of changing the lights? Is the change practical? Or make it look better? Only when you know what you need can you choose. This is very important.

1. Modified for the practical purpose of lighting the road. The most basic function of car lights is lighting, which is a very important tool for driving at night! Why change the lights? There are many shadows under trees in urban areas at night. These places are blind spots. In addition, there are many electric vehicles and pedestrians, so it is easy to cross the road or make sudden turns. The halogen lamp has low brightness and dim color, which does not illuminate the road well and is blurry. Clear blind spots seriously interfere with our judgment; when running long distances, the lights do not shine far, the visual distance is limited, and we cannot respond to situations ahead in time, so we always have to be cautious when driving. How can we feel comfortable and safe when driving like this? The main purpose of changing the lights is to increase the brightness of the car lights. The brightness is better and the light shines farther. We know that xenon lights are brighter and whiter than halogen lights. When shining on the road, they can be distinguished from the yellow light of street lights. Bright lights It is easy for us to distinguish whether there are obstacles ahead, which allows us to make correct judgments and drive more calmly and safely at night!

2. The purpose of modification is to be beautiful and good-looking, such as the more popular angel devil eyes, tear eye lamps, daytime running lights, headlight assemblies, and various LED bulbs and LED light strips. The appearance is beautiful and attractive, and the prices are not expensive in many styles. It’s just that most of these lights are decorative and have no other substantial function other than being beautiful. For example, the headlight assembly with angel tear eyes looks very good-looking, but the lighting effect is very average and the lifespan is not long. The light does not last long. If the effect is not good, no matter how beautiful the LED is, what’s the use? At present, these lamps on the market generally have problems of poor quality and unreliability. The installation of these lamps is risky and troublesome after-sales service. Therefore, you should be careful when purchasing this type of lamp!

Whenever the car lights are used for lighting, the basic function will not change. The first thing to consider when changing the lights is practicality. Only by adding some beautiful and fashionable products on the basis of safety and reliability, you must choose the right ones when changing the lights. Methods!

Second: How to change the lights? Different car models have different modification methods!

1. The original car does not have a lens, compact models and small and medium-sized cars

Compact models represented by Chevrolet Cruze, Honda Style, Suzuki Swift, Hyundai Reina, Kia K2, Nissan Tiida, Peugeot, Buick, Dodge, Volkswagen, Ford, Nissan, Subaru, Skoda, Chevrolet, Citroen and other car series Representative of small and medium-sized cars, these are halogen lamps with a reflective bowl structure. Directly installing xenon lamps will cause astigmatism and glare. It will not only make you unable to see the road clearly, but also affect the driving safety of others. It is also easy to be inspected by the traffic police, so these models have to change the lamps. If necessary, add a lens and make reasonable and legal modifications to make driving at night more comfortable!

Modification method: Install a bifocal lens and use a xenon bulb + stabilizer

2. The original car has a single-lens lens, represented by small and medium-sized cars, mostly Japanese and Korean domestic models.

Common ones include Toyota Reichi Camry, Honda Civic CRV, Ma 3 Ma 6 Atez, K3K5 Sorento, Soba Mingtu New Santa Fe, Copa Qijing Chengmai Ruibao, Accord Reiz New Teana, as well as Pentium, BYD, Great Wall, Chery, MG Most of the domestic small and medium-sized cars such as Roewe and Roewe, as well as the simple-equipped models of Cadillac SRX, Lexus ES, and Land Rover Freelander, are originally equipped with single-lens lenses, and the effect of directly installing xenon lamps will not be obvious. Astigmatism will occur. The best solution is to replace the original car's single-lens lens with a bifocal lens and change it into 2 low-beam and 4 high-beam headlights. The effect of the low-beam and high-beam lights is improved, and the field of view is increased. , the lights illuminate the road clearly and have strong penetrating power, suitable for all kinds of weather and intersections, and there is no delay in flashing lights for overtaking!

Modification plan: Use a bifocal lens to replace the single-focal lens of the original car, and use a xenon bulb + ballast

3. The original car has bifocal lens xenon lamps, medium and large old models

05-10 Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Cadillac, Lexus, Land Rover, Jaguar, Infiniti, etc., as well as Buick Regal Lacrosse Enclave, Volkswagen Magotan CC Old Touareg, Toyota Crown Camry, Ford Grand Edition, MG7, Roewe 750, Nissan Teana and other common German, Japanese, American, French and Korean models. The top-end luxury cars of these models are generally equipped with bi-xenon lens headlights and automatic headlights when they leave the factory. Therefore, the headlights of these models are turned on longer than usual. There are many cars, which are commonly used and damaged. After a few years of use, the brightness is not as good as before. Now more and more people choose to upgrade and modify. First, they don’t need insurance to avoid collisions and don’t need to repair the car to save time. Second, It is convenient and fast without affecting the functions of the original car. Third, the effect of changing the lights is better!

Modification plan: replace the aging lens of the original car with a new bifocal lens, replace the light bulb, but not the ballast.

4. The original car comes with bifocal lens halogen lamps

For example, Ford Edge, Fiat Feixiang, Peugeot 3008, JEEP Compass, Buick Regal LaCrosse, Pentium B90X80, Hyundai Tucson IX35, Kia Sportage, Toyota Corolla, Nazi, Cadillac ATS, etc., manufacturers design their headlights to have high and low beams in order to save energy. Integrated halogen lens, these are

A lens designed with the focal point of a halogen bulb. Directly installing a xenon lamp will cause the light to deviate due to the inconsistency in focus. After installing a xenon lamp, the effect is not ideal. The best solution is to replace the bifocal lens with a xenon lamp from a mainstream brand!

Modification plan: replace the original car halogen lens with a mainstream brand bifocal lens, and match it with a xenon bulb + ballast

Third: What does modification mean? How to choose modified products?

The main accessories for modifying the lamp: bifocal lens + xenon bulb + ballast + modification accessories. Common brands of bifocal lenses include Q5 Koito lenses, Hella lenses, and Bosch lenses; common brands of xenon bulbs include Sherlite, Iwasaki, Philips, and Osram; common brands of ballast include Hylanstar, Huake, Osram, Valeo, and Denso , Hella, these are all mainstream brand products, produced by large companies, with reliable and durable quality!

How to choose a lens? For urban driving, I usually use Q5, which has good low beam and good tangent; for suburban driving, I usually use Bosch, which has good width and wide range; for long distance driving, I usually use Hella, which has good high beam and wide field of vision!

How to choose a xenon bulb? The standard color temperature of all imported xenon lamps is 4300K, white to yellowish like sunlight, warm light, good penetrating power, and long life. Most domestic xenon bulbs are 6000K, pure white in color like moonlight, cold light, slightly penetrating power and long life. weak.

Lamp modification accessories: angel eyes, devil eyes, tear eye lights, width lights, which are decorative car lights. On the one hand, these LED lights can be used as embellishments to make the modified appearance better. The lights are dazzling and attractive. The key is that they are not expensive, so many people like them. On the other hand, it is also because they are cheap, because these things are They are produced by small domestic factories, there are no big brands to speak of, and the quality is mostly unreliable. If too many things are modified and too dazzling, it will cause a lot of trouble in the future! It’s not that these things can’t be used, but you must be careful and pack them sparingly!

Fourth: What is the effect after the change? How important is technical level?

Riders who have not modified their lights are concerned about what kind of effect can be achieved after modification? The first choice is very important, and the second modification skill level is crucial!

Choosing the configuration is very important. To put it simply, if you choose the Audi Q5 lens, you can achieve the effect of the Audi Q5 car after modification.

You chose Hella 3 lenses, and after modification, you can achieve the effect of BMW headlights! Choosing what configuration is the first step!

Why do we say it can be achieved instead of definitely achieved? Because there are many people who modify lamps nowadays, both professional and amateur.

Amateur lamp modification involves prying it open, inserting the lens into it, and then sealing it. When the lamp is finally lit, it is considered a success. Who wouldn’t insert a pair of lenses into the lamp and save existing products together? Is the light easy to use and how long does it last? None of it makes sense! Not to mention the effect of such a modification, it is possible that the modification will be useless! For a professional lamp modification shop to modify a perfect car lamp, it requires a combination of perfect lamp disassembly, accurate positioning, standard drilling, firm installation, fine dimming, careful dust removal, scientific sealing, etc. Each step must be accurate. Strong and reliable, only the car lights that can be modified in the end can produce the best lighting effects and stand the test of time!

Fifth: What issues should be paid attention to when changing lights? How is the seal? Can it pass the annual inspection?

Regarding headlight sealing, what car enthusiasts need to know is that the headlights of any model are sealed by sealant and can be opened by heating. Therefore, when we change the lights, we do not use a hammer to violently open them or use Instead of sawing with a blade, a special oven is used to heat and perfectly decompose the lampshade and bottom shell. After the headlights are modified, imported sealant is injected for sealing, which is enough to ensure the sealing performance of the headlights. Thousands of car lamps have been modified and sealed. Our experience coupled with the lifetime waterproof seal warranty we provide makes it worthy of the trust of car enthusiasts!

Regarding the annual vehicle inspection, all car owners can rest assured that from the beginning of the lamp modification industry to the present, no matter what kind of car has the lamps modified, there is no car that fails to pass the annual inspection! As long as they are modified properly, most cars can directly pass the annual inspection. There are also some cars that are equipped with angel eyes, devil eyes and various LED lights. They need to be briefly processed before the annual inspection. It takes about half an hour. We will assist the car free of charge throughout the process. Friends passed the annual inspection! Eighteen new policies on vehicle inspection reform were implemented on September 1, 2014. Newly purchased vehicles are exempt from inspection within 6 years. For example, cars purchased in 2012 do not require annual inspection until 208!

Professional lighting modification knowledge How to modify car lights? How to choose to change the l 2

Sixth, where should I choose to change the lights?

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