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Research: Why are many car enthusiasts unwilling to choose LED headlights?

LED headlights are the trend in the development of automotive lighting technology, and are also an important configuration for many high-end models to enhance their sense of technology. Their biggest advantages are energy saving, high brightness, low heat generation, and long life. The lifespan of high-quality LED headlights is 100,000 hours. Assuming that the vehicle is used 10 hours a day, it can theoretically be used for 27 years, making it a lifetime component. In contrast, the service life of halogen headlights is only about 600 hours. Drivers usually have to replace the bulbs every six months. Once the bulb burns out and there are no spare parts in the car, it will affect the normal operation of the vehicle. In addition, because LED headlights generate less heat, they will not melt, fog, or get water.

Research: Why are many car enthusiasts unwilling to choose LED headlights? 1

At present, domestic commercial vehicle companies have developed LED headlight products. However, through immersive research, Commercial Vehicle Network found that many truck drivers still choose halogen headlights when buying cars and are unwilling to choose LED headlights. What are the reasons behind this? Woolen cloth?

Original LED headlights are expensive

Usually the cost of LED headlights for heavy trucks is about 3,000 yuan per pair, which is about 1,500 yuan more expensive than ordinary halogen headlights. In actual sales, LED headlights are a premium configuration, making the vehicle sales price difference reach 2,000-2,500 yuan. At present, the transportation market continues to be sluggish. Truck drivers first consider the price when purchasing a vehicle. If they do not have sufficient funds, they will first give up the option of LED headlights.

Later modification costs are too low

The price of LED bulbs currently sold in the aftermarket is only 40-70 yuan per piece, and their service life can reach more than 10,000 hours. Many drivers can upgrade their halogen headlights to LED headlights at a cost of 200 yuan. The brightness after modification is much higher than before modification. However, it is important to note that unauthorized modification of headlights is illegal and poses safety risks. If your own headlights are too bright, it will blind the driver of the oncoming vehicle for a short time, which can easily cause a traffic accident on a narrow two-lane country road. If you are caught while driving, you will face a fine of not less than 200 yuan but not more than 2,000 yuan. In addition, it is difficult to pass the annual vehicle inspection, which will bring unnecessary repeated inspection costs.

High replacement cost after collision

Although LED headlights have a service life of 100,000 hours and are life-long parts, vehicle headlights are components that are extremely easy to be damaged by collisions. Their damage rate is only lower than rear lower protection, front lower protection, bumpers and other components. Especially the headlights of medium and heavy trucks are fixed on the bumper. As long as the bumper is slightly bumped, the plastic mounting legs of the headlights can easily be broken. However, the headlights are usually replaced as a whole in 4S shops and repair stations without repair. According to the research statistics of Commercial Vehicle Network: the headlights of engineering vehicles (dump trucks, mixer trucks) are usually replaced once a year, and ordinary logistics vehicles are usually replaced every four years. Only some long-distance trunk logistics vehicles can never be replaced for life.

When Commercial Chebang visited the market, we found that currently light trucks, medium trucks, heavy trucks, VANs, pickup trucks and other models have two configurations: ordinary halogen headlights and LED headlights. Some high-end heavy truck products have LED headlights as standard equipment. However, in actual sales, the optional rate of LED headlights is less than 30%. So, how can LED headlights be accepted by the market faster?

Research: Why are many car enthusiasts unwilling to choose LED headlights? 2

First, energy consumption and TCO calculation. At present, the power of a single halogen bulb for heavy trucks is 70 watts. For a four-light model with low beam and high beam on at the same time, the headlight power will reach 280 watts, which means that 1 kilowatt hour of electricity will be consumed for 4 hours of driving. For new energy trucks, if they drive for 8 hours at night, they will consume 2 kWh of electricity, which is equivalent to driving 1-1.5 kilometers with a full load. The power of LED bulbs is 36 watts, and the energy consumption is half that of halogen bulbs. The saved electric energy can increase the driving mileage; for diesel heavy trucks, if you drive for 8 hours at night, you need to consume 0.3 liters more fuel, and the cost is 2.4 yuan. Calculated based on 300 days of attendance per year, using LED headlights can save 360 ​​yuan in fuel. Calculated based on TCO, the fuel cost savings over four years can make up for the price difference between the two.

Second, safety costs. Compliant LED headlights are three times brighter than halogen headlights. The 70-watt halogen headlights are around 1,300 lumens, the light color is yellow, and the penetration power is poor in dense fog. The 36-watt LED headlights can reach up to 4,000 lumens, the light color is white, and the penetration power is stronger. Driving at night is safer. The reliability and durability of LED headlights are much higher than that of halogen headlights, which reduces the probability of safety hazards caused by bulb burnout and effectively improves the vehicle's attendance rate.

Third, strictly crack down on illegal headlight modifications. The design and calibration of automobile headlights must strictly comply with national standards and pass national regulatory inspection and certification. Although the appearance of halogen headlights and LED headlights of the same model remain the same, the shape of the internal lampshade and focusing position have been redesigned. The original LED headlights do not use LED bulbs, but LED modules, which cannot be disassembled and replaced according to regulatory requirements. If you replace the LED bulb on the halogen headlight by yourself, its brightness, focus position, light illumination shape, etc. will not meet the regulatory requirements. Therefore, it is recommended that relevant departments severely punish illegal production and modification of LED headlights.

In short, from a TCO perspective, LED headlights can make up for the price difference by saving energy consumption, and their nighttime driving safety will also be greatly improved, which will be the future development trend of commercial vehicle lighting. In addition, as the scale gradually increases and the cost gradually decreases, the market penetration rate of LED headlights will also be further increased.

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