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Retrofit automatic headlight solution

The Jetta VS7 is a German mid-size SUV that is loved by consumers for its stable quality and excellent performance. However, the original car headlight design is relatively simple and the functions are relatively basic, which cannot meet the higher quality lighting needs of some car owners. Therefore, this article will introduce to you how to modify automatic headlights for Jetta VS7 to achieve more convenient headlight control.

Retrofit automatic headlight solution 1

1. Original car headlight design and function

The original headlights of the Jetta VS7 use traditional halogen bulbs, with average lighting brightness and lack of intelligent control functions. In addition, the original headlight switch is located on the left side of the cab, making it inconvenient to operate. In rainy and foggy weather or when driving at night, this traditional headlight lighting effect may cause some visual distress to the driver.

2. Scheme for modifying automatic headlights

Retrofit automatic headlight solution 2

In order to improve the shortcomings of the original car headlights, we can choose to modify the Jetta VS7 with automatic headlights. The program includes the following steps:

1. Choose LED bulbs and automatic headlight controllers suitable for Jetta VS7;

2. Remove the original car headlights, replace them with LED bulbs, and install an automatic headlight controller;

3. Use the dedicated APP on your smartphone to debug and set up the automatic headlights;

4. After completing the modification, conduct a road test to ensure that the automatic headlights function normally.

3. Advantages of modified automatic headlights

After modification, the automatic headlights of Jetta VS7 have the following advantages:

Retrofit automatic headlight solution 3

1. More convenient headlight control effect: The automatic headlight controller can sense ambient light and vehicle speed, automatically turn on or off the headlights, without the need for manual operation by the car owner, making the driving process smoother.

2. Higher lighting brightness: The brightness of LED bulbs is higher than that of original car halogen bulbs, which can provide clearer and wider lighting range and improve driving safety at night or in rainy and foggy weather.

3. Intelligent APP control: Through the smartphone APP, car owners can flexibly adjust the lighting mode, brightness, timing and other functions of the automatic headlights to meet the needs of different scenarios.

4. Better energy consumption performance: LED bulbs have lower energy consumption and are more energy-saving than halogen bulbs, which can reduce vehicle energy consumption.

4. Safety and expert advice

Regarding the safety and technical issues of Jetta VS7 modified automatic headlights, we consulted car maintenance experts. Experts recommend the following:

1. Purchase high-quality products: During the modification process, make sure that the LED bulbs and automatic headlight controllers you purchase are genuine and meet the original vehicle circuit requirements to avoid potential safety hazards.

2. Professional installation and debugging: The modification process involves circuit modification and software debugging, which should be carried out by professional maintenance personnel to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the modification.

3. Comply with usage regulations: When using a smartphone APP to control automatic headlights, ensure that the Bluetooth connection between the phone and the vehicle is stable to avoid accidents caused by operational errors.

4. Regular maintenance: Modified headlights should be inspected and maintained regularly to ensure their normal operation.

5. Summary

By modifying automatic headlights for the Jetta VS7, we have achieved more convenient headlight control and improved lighting brightness and safety. At the same time, the APP control method of smartphones is used to enable car owners to flexibly adjust headlight settings according to different needs. Although there are some safety and technical issues that need to be paid attention to during the modification process, as long as professional advice and standardized operations are followed, modifying automatic headlights is a very worthwhile investment for Jetta VS7 owners.

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