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Review of the Difficult Development History of Ranger Car!

There is no doubt that the momentum of new energy vehicles is booming in recent years, and with the intervention of the Internet, cars have reached an unprecedented intelligence. At the same time, many cross industry friends and enterprises smell the smell of "cheese" and are eager to move.You may be familiar with Weilai automobile and Xiaopeng automobile, which are well-known automobile enterprises at this stage, but in fact, the Ranger automobile is the first to open our understanding of the new forces of car making, which is the earliest initiator of the "car making movement".Not very good-looking history

Review of the Difficult Development History of Ranger Car! 1

In July 2015, a brand press conference, a PPT and a R & D team of more than 40 people led by CEO Huang Xiuyuan developed and built a pure electric sedan concept car - Ranger X in 482 days, making Ranger car a sensation in the whole auto industry.It is reported that this car needs to PK Tesla. It is not only a long image, but also refers to a number of electric vehicle patent technologies opened by Tesla. The range reaches 460km, and the acceleration time of 0-100km / h takes 5.6 seconds. It may be put on sale in 2017However, the high R & D expenses and production costs have brought down the new force of making cars, which is not so well funded. A few months after the release of the new car, there was even the news that the team broke up. The outside world also believed that the matter of making cars by Rangers had been stopped. Ranger cars did not appear in public until new shareholders entered.

In December 2015, Wei Jun, chairman of Xituo industrial group, joined Ranger automobile with funds and team as chairman of Ranger. Wei Jun's arrival is particularly critical for Ranger cars. He not only restarted the road of Ranger cars, but also played a very important role in the follow-up financing process.In October 2017, Ranger automobile completed round a investment, with a total financing of 1.22 billion. The investors include Xinhua Silk Road Fund, Jingxing Tiancheng and other investment institutions.In March 31, 2018, Rangers completed B round of financing, up to 5 billion yuan, and jointly invested by 12 institutions such as Qianhai Wutong, China Environmental Protection Industry Co., Ltd., Chong Chong ocean, South Taihu construction investment company and Huzhou East Hong.

On August 22, 2018, Ranger automobile completed the B round of financing of US $350 million. This round of financing was invested exclusively by Gezhi assets. At the same time, Gezhi assets also became the second largest shareholder of Ranger automobile.Ranger cars have set up many flags, but they have not been realized. They have also been labeled with "ppt car making", "unreliable", "pure money", and even Ranger cars were once "a flash in the pan". Even so, it still attracted Wei Jun, and successively completed round a, round B and round B financing, with an overall valuation of US $3.35 billion.Why do these investors value Ranger cars so much?

There is a production baseIn terms of car manufacturing mode, Wei Jun believes that the OEM path is different, because partners such as independent brands have no experience in independently manufacturing more than 150000 models, so Ranger chose the mode of self built factory.In December 2015, Ranger automobile determined the overall layout of a series of businesses such as R & D, manufacturing and marketing of Ranger X. On March 19, 2017, Ranger automobile and Huzhou municipal government reached a strategic cooperation. The two sides officially signed the cooperation agreement on the construction of Ranger automobile · Huzhou super factory, and the first production base of Ranger automobile was located in Huzhou.

Review of the Difficult Development History of Ranger Car! 2

It is reported that the total investment of Huzhou super factory project of Ranger automobile is 11.5 billion, most of which is funded by Ranger automobile, including 9 billion production base, 7 billion fixed assets and 2 billion working capital. Another 2.5 billion will cooperate with Lake Tourism Group to build a Ranger smart car town.After the completion of the factory, the annual production capacity can reach 200000 sets, with the production capacity of four processes and three electric systems. It adopts advanced production technologies and processes such as full-automatic robot stamping line, all aluminum laser body welding, full-automatic robot grinding, intelligent robot internal and external spraying, and the automation rate of all process equipment exceeds 85%. In addition, a special test track for electric vehicles, an intelligent supply logistics center and an automatic driving test field will be designed and built.From the factory's mass production in 2018 to the factory's completion in May next year, Ranger's road to building the factory is very long.

Product outlookSince 2015, Ranger car has carried out multiple rounds of iterations on the first car Ranger X. at present, Ranger X1 has been finalized, passed 90% of the tests, and is close to the requirements of mass production.In terms of appearance, Ranger X1 will update its appearance design before mass production. In terms of performance, Ranger X1 will be equipped with 90kwh battery and 350kW motor, with a range of 500km, acceleration of less than 5 seconds at 100km and a maximum speed of 230km per hour. In terms of intelligent driving, the Ranger X1 produced by Wei Jun will be equipped with L3 automatic driving function when it is launched, which is realized based on camera and ultrasonic radar sensor.

Meanwhile, knight errant is developing kit OS on-board system, which will become the core of knight errant intelligent interconnection platform. On the one hand, it will connect various node modules of automotive electronics, on the other hand, it will be the entrance of human vehicle interaction in the car and interconnected with the intelligent transportation network outside the car.At present, the official has received more than 11000 groups of valid reservation registration, and the first batch of marketing outlets will be launched in 10 first tier cities. With the launch of the European R & D center, Ranger also plans to put the mass production models of the highest performance version into WEC top events.Ranger car focuses on the high-quality product route. The mass production version of Ranger x will have more highlights and breakthroughs in internal and external design, electric performance and intelligent system. However, like Rangers, many products described by the new forces of car building are in this shape

BUT Everything OK, no production qualification?We are building factories, developing products, and even consolidating and improving the global charging energy network layout and the whole industrial chain of supply chain finance. At the same time, we are accelerating the completion of round C strategic financing at the beginning of next year, and comprehensively assisting in the planning of Ranger's future IPO plan. All these are beautiful, but lack of production qualification? So, all the above is for nothing?However, the Ranger said that he had conducted the declaration test in accordance with the national requirements and was confident that he would hold the card in mass production next year. If Ranger X1 has no production qualification when it goes offline, it will consider OEM listing. The way of obtaining a license through acquisition is not considered.

Confidence is a good thing. However, no one can tell what the car market will be like in 2019. Waiting all the time will not only consume everyone's expectations for Rangers, but also need more financial support. At that time, it's not sure whether there will be a generous donation from the "golden father"! Taking advantage of the abundant funds now, does the simple and crude way of acquiring and holding cards really not consider?

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