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Still complaining that the headlights are not bright enough? Do you know how to upgrade your headlig

Many low-end cars nowadays are equipped with halogen headlights. The light of halogen headlights is relatively dark and not bright at night, especially on rainy days. Although the halogen lights have strong penetrating ability, the light is dark, which affects your health. For the sake of sight, there are generally three types of headlights on the market today, halogen, xenon and LED. Today we will take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of these three types of headlights. Many people ask whether changing the lights will affect the annual inspection? As long as your headlights are properly modified and don't affect other people's vision, it won't affect your annual inspection.

1. Halogen headlights

Still complaining that the headlights are not bright enough? Do you know how to upgrade your headlig 1

Halogen headlights are generally installed on some low-end models and older cars. The advantages are that they are cheap to make and replace, and their penetrating ability in foggy weather is better than other headlights. The disadvantages are serious heat generation, short service life, and dim lighting. , the paved road surface is not strong, especially when you encounter a passing car, the high beam on the other side will make you lose your temper. This is also the reason why many car owners upgrade their headlights.

2. Xenon headlights

Still complaining that the headlights are not bright enough? Do you know how to upgrade your headlig 2

The color temperature of xenon headlights is significantly higher than that of halogen headlights. Between 5500K and 6000K, the light is between white and yellow. The pavement effect is good at night, the service life is long, and the light source is not easy to attenuate. The disadvantage is that the price is relatively high compared to halogen, and the startup time is It takes three seconds to have the maximum lighting effect, because it requires an instant high voltage to light up the xenon, and there is a delay until it is fully lit. It does not respond as quickly as LED, and its penetration ability in foggy days is lower than that of halogen headlights.

3. LED headlights

Still complaining that the headlights are not bright enough? Do you know how to upgrade your headlig 3

The price of LED headlights is generally higher than the above two headlights. This is also the reason why many riders switch to xenon instead of LED. The disadvantage is that it is expensive. The advantage is that the lighting time is instantaneous and the brightness is very high, just like daytime. The lifespan is the longest among the three lights. Installing it, you no longer have to worry about high-beam dogs at night.

When upgrading headlights, everyone chooses to upgrade according to their own conditions. Many car owners have a misunderstanding when upgrading, which is to directly replace the xenon lamp or LED lamp on the original car's headlight. The lampshade of the halogen lamp cannot restrain xenon and LED. The light will form a kind of diffuse reflection, which means that if you turn on the low beam, the other side will think that you have the high beam on. Therefore, when upgrading LED or xenon, you must add a lens, otherwise you will be a rogue.

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