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Tang DM 85,000 kilometers found minor problems and solutions

The power of the Tang DM, which currently has a total mileage of 85,000 kilometers, is still very strong. The battery will still be attenuated in winter. In Shenyang, my city, for example, the attenuation in winter is about 40%. As the mileage continues to increase, some minor problems have gradually appeared. Let me share with you the solution

Tang DM 85,000 kilometers found minor problems and solutions 1

big brown sugar

1. Abnormal brake noise. When the car is driving at low speed and the brakes are pressed, the abnormal noise is very harsh and sounds very uncomfortable. Later, I discussed in the car club that most of the car owners have this situation. After the car owner's recommendation, the ceramic brake pads were replaced and the brake noise was abnormal. Solved, but the braking effect is somewhat longer.

2. Shock absorber oil leakage. Many car owners have the same experience. I don’t know whether the car is too heavy or there is a quality problem. Anyway, it is oil leakage. Later, I went to the 4S store to get an upgraded model (FSD shock absorber) and needed to replace it at my own expense. After replacing it, the intuitive feeling is still very obvious, especially when cornering, it can hold the car over bumpy roads and the shaking from side to side is not obvious. Overall, it feels very good. It is worth replacing. I don’t regret it.

Tang DM 85,000 kilometers found minor problems and solutions 2

This oil leak is serious

3. The cracked tail light was discovered during a car wash. I thought I had hit something, but there was no damage at all. It didn’t look like a hit. Then I went to the 4S store for inspection and told me that the 4S claim was a quality problem. They directly replaced me with a new one. I am very satisfied.

Tang DM 85,000 kilometers found minor problems and solutions 3

There is a crack in the middle

4. Abnormal noise from the chassis. Every time I pass the speed bump in the underground garage, I can always hear the abnormal noise. Because the underground garage is relatively quiet, the sound is very loud. I also went to the 4S store. After inspection and testing by the maintenance technician, I found that the chassis rubber sleeve was aging. After free replacement, the abnormal noise was resolved.

Tang DM 85,000 kilometers found minor problems and solutions 4

Aging of rubber parts

Of the 4 minor problems discovered so far, 3 were solved by 4S stores for free, and the service attitude is particularly positive. Now domestic cars are getting better and better, both pre-sales and after-sales are always improving. Come on.

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