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Tesla Autopilot Autopilot System Continues to Drive During Overtaking While Upgrading.

In terms of automatic assisted driving, Tesla's "autopolit" is loved by many car owners with a good driving experience.However, even so, autopolit is far from being able to drive automatically. It still needs to constantly push the update function to iterate its intelligence of automatic assisted driving.A few days ago, foreign media reported that Tesla had begun to promote new software updates, and launched a new function called "leaving the Overpass" to enable the Autopilot autopilot system to remain in the overtaking lane instead of returning to the right lane as usual.

Tesla Autopilot Autopilot System Continues to Drive During Overtaking While Upgrading. 1

It sounds irrational to let vehicles occupy the overtaking lane for a long time.However, for Tesla automatic driving, without violating the road traffic regulations, after autopolit completes the overtaking action on the overtaking lane. You don't have to return to the normal lane as before.Because, when there are no cars in front of and behind the overtaking lane and there are cars in the next lane, keeping driving in the overtaking lane is obviously one of Tesla's best driving strategies.

This time, after the system upgrade, Tesla owners don't have to switch between overtaking lane and normal lane frequently on the high speed. The driving experience of using autopolit will also be greatly improved.In addition, in this simple road condition on the expressway, automatic driving is obviously more professional and orderly than human beings. If all vehicles can use automatic driving, maintain a fixed and reasonable follow-up distance, and drive on the high-speed road condition, the smoothness of the road will also be improved.Tesla Autopilot automatic driving system has taken into account these rules, which can set the driver assistance system to a reasonable distance from the car.

In addition, since December 2018, the navigation function of Tesla Autopilot autopilot system has been recommended to return to the right lane after overtaking.However, with the system upgrade, Tesla's autopolit function has become more humanized and intelligent.

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