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Tesla Upgrade Has Introduced All the Projects of Tesla 2021 Model 3 Upgrade

Recently, some bloggers got all the projects of upgrading 2021 model 3 from Tesla channel. In the future, these configurations will be applied to domestic models.It is worth mentioning that we have previously reported the new model 3 configuration updated on Tesla's official website in North America, and this configuration information is supplemented.Interior upgrades include:

Tesla Upgrade Has Introduced All the Projects of Tesla 2021 Model 3 Upgrade 1

1. Two high-power type-C charging ports located in the central console;2. The fifth USB interface is added to the glove box;3. USB storage is added for sentinel mode and tachograph;

4. Built in wireless charger;5. Newly designed center console design.Appearance upgrades include:

1. Automatic electric tailgate;2. Satin black decoration;3. More sharp and futuristic wheels;

4. EMEA headlights.In terms of interior details, the main changes are in the area below the central control screen. The design is more reasonable. The mobile phone placement area increases the blocking area and anti-skid pad, which solves the problem of mobile phone sliding.In addition, the new car has also been upgraded in terms of range and acceleration performance, as follows:

Tesla Upgrade Has Introduced All the Projects of Tesla 2021 Model 3 Upgrade 2

The range (EPA working condition) of the standard rear drive upgraded version has increased from 250 miles (about 402 km) to 263 miles (about 423 km);The range of the long-range all wheel drive version has increased from 322 miles (about 518 kilometers) to 353 miles (about 568 kilometers), and the acceleration time of 0-100km / h has increased from 4.4S to 4.2s;The range of high-performance all wheel drive version is upgraded from 299 miles (about 481 km) to 315 miles (about 507 km), and the acceleration time of 0-100km / h is increased from 3.2s to 3.1s.

It is worth mentioning that this update is mainly aimed at North America. There is no update news for domestic model 3, which has attracted the attention of netizens.In this regard, Tao Lin, vice president of Tesla's foreign affairs, said on her microblog yesterday that domestic and foreign are not synchronized, which is the norm in the automobile production industry, especially for new factories and new products. Traditional automobile factories generally take a long time or even more than a year to achieve synchronous production.Tesla's Shanghai plant is becoming larger and larger. At the same time, it is impossible to copy the American supply chain to enable Chinese consumers to enjoy the most cost-effective products. However, the new local supply chain needs more time for engineering verification and corresponding climbing work.

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