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The advantages and disadvantages of three types of car light modifications, Shenzhen Dalang Tuxiang

Car lights are closely related to driving safety. Don’t think that car lights can be modified casually, or that the more expensive and advanced the better, in fact, each type of car lights has its advantages and disadvantages. If it is not modified well, it will be counterproductive! At present, our car lights mainly fall into three categories. Now we analyze the advantages and disadvantages of these three types of car lights.

The advantages and disadvantages of three types of car light modifications, Shenzhen Dalang Tuxiang  1

Halogen lamp

Halogen lamps are recognized for their long life and good penetration. However, as car lights continue to evolve, the shortcomings of halogen lights begin to appear. The lighting effect of halogen lamps is poor or even greatly reduced at night or in bad weather, such as rain and fog, which greatly affects the driver's vision. This is mainly reflected in the insufficient brightness. Therefore, many car owners will seek other lighting systems, such as xenon lights and LED lights, which are currently the most popular car lighting options.

Lifespan: average more than 500 hours

Energy consumption: General halogen headlight 55w

Lighting effect: The light is uniform, but the brightness is relatively average, but the yellow car lights are very penetrating

Tuxiang Car Lighting Suggestion: If the original car lights are halogen lights, they do not necessarily need to be changed to LED lights. Many international brands have now launched white-light upgraded halogen bulbs. Compared with ordinary halogen lamps equipped with cars from the factory, these products have greatly improved color, brightness and lifespan. And more importantly, the price is far lower than the price of xenon lamps and LED lamps, and it is relatively more economical to replace them when they are damaged. In addition, halogen lamps have the best penetration among the three lamps.

Xenon lights

Referred to as HID, there is no filament in the xenon lamp holder, and there is no problem of the tungsten filament burning out. The xenon lamp requires only 3.5A of current to operate, but is three times brighter than traditional halogen bulbs and has a service life that is 10 times longer than traditional halogen bulbs. Because of its high brightness, it can provide wider, brighter and farther lighting effects. Moreover, the xenon lamp will not go out instantly, but will gradually dim until it goes out. Therefore, it will not go out suddenly when a car light failure occurs, which increases safety and buys car owners time for emergency treatment.

However, xenon lamps also have obvious shortcomings. The biggest disadvantage is that the penetration rate is low, which makes them suffer in rainy and foggy weather; and it takes 2 to 3 seconds to reach full brightness, so it is generally not recommended to replace the high beam headlights with xenon lamps. However, there are exceptions. Some xenon lamps have a yellowish color temperature and are relatively penetrating. Xenon lamps are also more expensive than halogen lamps.

Lifespan: The lifespan is more than 30,000 hours, which is 6 times the lifespan of ordinary halogen bulbs.

Energy consumption: Conventional xenon headlights 35w

Lighting effect: relatively concentrated light, high brightness

Tuxiang Car Lighting Suggestion: Xenon lamps have the characteristics of high brightness, and the price is relatively lower than LED. However, xenon lamps also have the disadvantage that they cannot reach their brightest instantaneously, and their penetrability is low. Therefore, it is generally recommended that the low-beam headlights on the front of the car be converted into xenon lamps. , but considering its high brightness characteristics, we recommend using it in combination with a lens. Driving safety is not only your problem, but also the safety of oncoming cars. This is a necessary quality for car owners.

LED light

Currently the most energy-saving, but it is a cold-light lamp, its ability to withstand high temperatures is slightly weaker, and its light-concentrating effect is slightly worse than that of xenon headlights. LED lights have the most advantage in terms of brightness. They are brighter than xenon lights and can be lit instantly without waiting. However, LED lights have shortcomings in lighting distance and poor penetration, so they are generally not used in car headlights. But this phenomenon has now been broken. With the advancement of technology, the headlights of many models have adopted LED headlights. In addition, LED lights operate at very high temperatures, so there is a problem with heat dissipation - poor heat dissipation will significantly shorten their lifespan.

Lifespan: Lifespan can be up to 100,000 hours

Energy consumption: Energy consumption is only 1/20 of that of halogen lamps

Lighting effect: The spectrum is almost entirely concentrated in visible light, the luminous rate is very high, and the brightness is the highest among xenon lamps and halogen lamps.

Tuxiang car light reminder: The advantages of LED are obvious. It can reach the brightest, energy-saving, and highest brightness instantly. It also has many beautiful designs and is the most beautiful and beautiful. But if you want to convert it into LED lights, the first thing to consider is the cost. Because LED lights are more technologically advanced, maintenance costs are also high. Moreover, if the LED light set of many models is broken, the entire light assembly must be replaced, and the price is at least several thousand yuan, and it is not surprising that it is tens of thousands of yuan.

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