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The car lights are foggy and cannot illuminate the road clearly. Here are some tips to remove the fo

The car lights are foggy and cannot illuminate the road clearly. Here are some tips to remove the fo 1

Facing the biting cold wind of winter,

Everything other than the bed is far away,

Places beyond the reach of hands are called foreign lands,

When winter comes, I feel lazy.

The car lights are foggy and cannot illuminate the road clearly. Here are some tips to remove the fo 2

I just want to stay in bed until the end of time.

Of course, winter laziness is not a patent for humans.

Even cars have minor problems from time to time;

Just asking you, are you surprised? Surprised or not?

Recently, many car owners have found that their car headlights have begun to fog up, and even more seriously condensed into small water droplets, making the road hazy and unclear. What is the cause of this? What are the dangers caused by fogging car lights? How to deal with it?

The mist comes from the "tube"

When talking about the cause of headlight fogging, we have to start with a rubber tube. This rubber tube responsible for ventilation is located at the back cover. In cold weather or when the headlights are turned off, the temperature of the lamp unit drops, and water molecules in the air will enter through this tube. When the headlights are turned on, they interact with the cold air from the outside. When a large temperature difference occurs, water molecules gather from places with high temperatures to places with low temperatures, producing fog.

Eyes covered by fog

In weather with a large temperature difference between day and night or high humidity, fogging of the headlights will affect the lighting effect, making it difficult to see the road conditions clearly and unable to send out correct warning signals, posing a huge hidden danger to driving safety. Therefore, car owners must not ignore the problem of headlight fogging.

Pay attention to defogging headlights

Although fogging of the headlights will have an impact on driving safety, car owners do not need to worry too much. They must not bake the headlights directly in a hurry, because the appearance of the headlights is made of plastic material, and the extra heat will easily cause the lampshades to break. Roasting, it's not worth the gain.

The correct approach is: check the tightness of the headlight assembly, confirm that it is correct, then turn on the headlights, and use the large amount of heat emitted by the headlight bulbs to evaporate the fog.

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