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The front face is very fashionable and handsome, with sickle-shaped headlights and blackened grille.

The front face is very fashionable and handsome, with sickle-shaped headlights and blackened grille. 1

The front face is very fashionable and handsome. The sickle-shaped headlights and blackened grille are both very trendy designs. The wheelbase of the new Regal reaches 2829 mm, the space performance is very good, and the storage space is also abundant. The chrome trim strips on the windows extend all the way to the D-pillar, which looks beautiful and classy at the same time. The 2020 Buick Regal has a good performance in terms of body shape. The front face continues the Buick family-style design language. The flying-wing air intake grille looks particularly majestic. At the same time, the slender headlights on both sides and the internal light groups are well-proportioned and bright when lit. The lower air intake of the new model adopts a trapezoidal design, and L-shaped chrome decoration is also used on both sides of the front bumper, further enhancing the overall sense of fashion. The new Buick Regal GS uses sporty five-spoke wheels that are blackened. It also has red calipers, which make the whole look very high-quality. The lines on the side of the car are very smooth and natural, and it looks like a muscular American car from the side. In terms of appearance, the new generation Buick Regal continues the latest design language of the Buick family. The design style is derived from the Buick Avista Concept concept car. The combination of slender headlights and flying-wing grille is very fashionable and dynamic, catering to young consumers. authors aesthetics. The new Regal is 4913 mm long and has a wheelbase of 2829 mm, providing ample seating space for passengers. The opening area at the bottom of the front bumper is obviously wider, and the "fangs" shape on both sides have also been streamlined. Compared with the old model, the Regal GS has a significantly more aggressive feel, and the sense of technology is also more in place. The GS version is what we often call a "little steel cannon". Its exterior design is very sporty and is deeply loved by sports car consumers. Its strength is on par with Passat and Magotan. The body size of the new Buick Regal 552T luxury model is 4913x1863x1462 mm, and the wheelbase is 2829 mm. The proportions on the side of the car are coordinated, and the roof adopts a slightly downward fastback shape. The headlights on both sides have sharp shapes, and the folded-in LED daytime running lights are very eye-catching, and the prominent sense of movement is even stronger. The appearance of the car is also what matters most to me. The front face of the vehicle adopts a flatter polygonal air intake grille, and the internal structure has been changed from the previous straight waterfall style to a new dot matrix layout, with flying wing-shaped silver trim strips, giving a more outstanding visual effect. The middle net has changed from the original straight waterfall shape to a new flying wing shape.

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