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The headlights adopt an eagle-eye shape, and the internal light cavity is also very particular.

The headlights adopt an eagle-eye shape, and the internal light cavity is also very particular. 1

On the side of the car, the overall shape of the gun is very thick and looks very muscular like an American car. At the same time, the taillight group of the new car adopts a through-type design. Its appearance adopts a very hardcore design, and the overall shape is very grand. No, with its more luxurious appearance, stronger power performance, and more refined interior, it presents consumers with the best pickup truck choice. The side lines of the model are very straight and smooth, the overall visual center of gravity is very high, and it looks very muscular. The lower side windows are also wrapped in silver chrome, and the shape is very capable. In fact, before this new pickup truck was launched, I had seen its appearance and interior online. This large-sized grille shape and huge chrome plate, combined with LED light source headlights, present a strong sense of recognition and luxury as a whole. Viewed from the side, the vehicle's line design is more practical. The rear door uses privacy glass, which can take good care of rear passengers and effectively prevent the view from being blocked when getting in and out of the car on rainy days. We have previously obtained the application information for the China VI version of the Paopu pickup truck. The new car is basically consistent with the previous preview pictures and declaration pictures, and still adopts the classic appearance design of the pickup truck model. The headlights adopt an eagle-eye shape, and the internal light cavity is also very particular. The overall combination is very sharp and fierce. In terms of configuration, the Cannon is equipped with 6-way electric adjustable seats, seat heating, automatic air conditioning, rear air vents, paddle shifters, streaming rearview mirror, electronic handbrake, leather seats and a series of configurations. It is worth noting that it also has a series of assisted driving functions, including ACC adaptive cruise, forward collision warning, lane keeping, etc., ensuring safety. These configurations can be said to be unique in the same price range, which also confirms the innovative spirit and technological advantages of many companies. This also makes intelligent configuration a bonus item to measure whether a model is suitable for you. The stacking of these configurations is enough to prove that Great Wall Motors' core technology has a high level of strength. We also look forward to the future market bringing us a better riding experience. Large-size sunroofs, side sliding doors, electric foot pedals, independent rear air outlets, automatic air conditioning, 220V three-plug interface, leather seats, seat heating and other configurations also appear on a pickup truck. In addition to the configuration advantages, what I prefer is the 360-degree panoramic image mounted on the gun, which can greatly reduce the blind area of the field of vision. The clarity is very high and it is particularly convenient to use in some narrow sections or when driving on narrow roads. In addition to the above functions, it also has 360-degree panoramic images, an openable panoramic sunroof, a multi-function leather steering wheel, paddle shifters, electric adjustment of the driver's seat, and seat heating. This is the industry's first pickup truck that can achieve L2 level autonomous driving.

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