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The headlights at the rear are very eye-catching

For those who care more about luxury vehicles, let me introduce a luxurious function of HS7 on the side of the car - the welcome floor lamp. This function uses the LED light sources under the left and right mirrors to illuminate the welcome light on both sides of the vehicle. Make the vehicle look more luxurious. Just imagine, at night, when you and your friends unlock the car at the same time, a lighted red carpet leading directly to your car is displayed in front of you and your friends. Will you immediately feel a sense of luxury and dignity? Looking down, you can see the huge wheels of the HS7, which use 20-inch two-color cutting wheels. The large wheels match the length of the 5035 car, making the overall look and feel in line with the image of a large luxury SUV, which is more concerned about the vehicle's controllability. , then there are many factors for image control, and the width of the tire is also one of the important factors that affect the control. The larger the contact area between the tire and the ground, the stronger the friction. When we drive intensely, it can also help us Provide higher grip, thus improving our handling. Do you think this wheel tire meets your handling requirements?

The headlights at the rear are very eye-catching 1

It is also safe to control. The body of HS7 uses 1800 MPa high-strength steel, with a 63.7% high-strength steel ratio, allowing the entire car to maintain the rigidity of the body and reduce the deformation of the smile during intense driving and off-roading. , thereby ensuring the overall controllability and safety. Do you think it meets your requirements? Let’s take a look at the rear of the HS7. The headlights at the rear are very eye-catching because the design of the headlights and the front headlights are the same. Both use the moiré headlight design, which emphasizes the consistency of the design and the brand. cultural connotation. Moreover, the lines at the rear and the sides of the car follow the Chinese design language of one-line penetration, so no matter where you look at HS7, you will find that the integrity is very good. From the entire appearance, it is not difficult to see , Hongqi, as the number one luxury brand for Chinese people, is already comparable to first-tier luxury car brands in terms of design. Do you think this appearance can meet your requirements for luxury cars?

The headlights at the rear are very eye-catching 2

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