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The interior of the car light is fogging, should we conduct a waterproof or fog test?

Fogging inside car lights is usually caused by poor sealing of the lights or water vapor entering the interior of the lights through the exhaust holes. Therefore, the waterproof test and the car light fog test are both important measures to avoid fog inside the car lights.

After water enters the interior of the car lamp, a large amount of heat is generated when the lamp is lit, which may produce water mist that does not dissipate for a long time. If the water intrusion is serious, a large amount of water droplets or water accumulation will be formed on the surface. The waterproof test is to test the waterproof performance and water resistance of the car lights by simulating rainy or humid environments to ensure that the car lights can work normally in humid or rainy conditions. Through the waterproof test, the sealing performance of the car lights can be tested to prevent moisture or water from entering the interior of the car lights, thereby preventing fog from appearing inside the car lights.

Methods for waterproofing test of automobile lights

Using a waterproof test chamber that meets IPX6 to conduct a waterproof test on car lights is a common waterproof test method for car lights. In this method, car manufacturers put the car lights into a waterproof test chamber that meets the waterproof level and spray water onto the car lights to simulate rainy conditions. This can test the waterproof performance and water resistance of the car lights to ensure that the car lights work normally in rainy days.

Car light fog test

Since the car lights are not sealed, they will generate a lot of heat when they are lit. It is necessary to design multiple exhaust hole structures on the back for internal air circulation, so water vapor will have the opportunity to enter the inside of the lamp to form fog phenomenon. Therefore, fogging inside the car lights is a normal physical phenomenon.

The interior of the car light is fogging, should we conduct a waterproof or fog test? 1

Headlight fog control

The car lamp fog test is to shorten the dissipation time of the fog inside the car lamp, weaken the condensation of the fog inside the car lamp, and improve the product quality and user experience.

Temak car light fog test chamber can simulate cold water rainfall (simulating rainy days, car washing situations), constant temperature and humidity, wind speed, light and other environmental conditions. The left area has lighting, constant temperature and humidity, spray, and wind speed systems, and the right side can perform high and low temperature cycles, constant temperature and humidity, etc.

The interior of the car light is fogging, should we conduct a waterproof or fog test? 2

Temak comprehensive fog test chamber

Place the car lamp samples in the car lamp fog test chamber, conduct high and low temperature cycles, constant temperature and humidity, lighting tests, etc. according to standards, record the test results and test the samples. Specific parameters can refer to automobile manufacturer standards or national standards for automobile road lighting device systems.

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