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The "offensive" 4 car taillights are more dazzling than the "high-beam dog", as if you are seeing th

Although many car owners own a car, they never study the various functions on the car. They often abuse the functions and suffer abuse from others for no reason. Just like the lights on a car, we must choose a specific time to turn them on when using them. If we use the car lights indiscriminately, it is likely to affect other people's travels and will also be abused by others, so today we will Let me tell you about some of the most disgusting car taillights, because the brightness of these taillights is really too high.

The offensive 4 car taillights are more dazzling than the high-beam dog, as if you are seeing th 1

The first Cadillac taillight. As a luxury car brand, Cadillac is not a first-tier car but it is definitely a second-tier car. The price of this car is higher than that of ordinary cars, so it has put a lot of effort into the configuration and design of the car. . The Cadillac's taillight is a vertical light line with very high brightness. If you are following a Cadillac, you will feel like you can't open your eyes when it lights up its taillight. When driving, everyone should stay as far away from Cadillac passengers as possible, not because they think the car owner's skills are not good, but because they want their own safety to be guaranteed.

The offensive 4 car taillights are more dazzling than the high-beam dog, as if you are seeing th 2

The 2nd Infiniti. Infiniti is a luxury brand under Nissan. It was established in 1989. It has many types of cars, such as coupes, sedans, off-road vehicles, SUVs, etc., so buying an Infiniti car is still a good choice. The "offensive" 4 car taillights are more dazzling than the "high-beam dog", as if you are seeing the sun! But because it belongs to a luxury brand, unique insights have been added to the design of the car lights. The taillights are also very bright. It is also recommended that you stay as far away from Infiniti as possible when driving. Many people may not know Infiniti cars. , its car logo seems to have the same meaning as Chery’s car logo, you can go and find out about it.

The third Audi, Audi has a title called "Lamp Factory". Are you familiar with it? Many people make fun of Audi for buying lights as a gift because Audi's car lights are too bright. There is also a video circulating on the Internet recently. There is an Audi car owner who turns on his car lights little by little. When the brightness is at its brightest, it is like daytime. Therefore, Audi's car lights are also very bright. sharp. Everyone should be familiar with Audi's car logo, which is four circles. If you see a car with four circles while driving, it is best to keep a good distance so that when Audi turns on its taillights, it will not dazzle our glasses. .

The fourth BYD Qin, why is BYD Qin also on the list? Because the taillights of BYD Qin are shaped like they are connected in parallel. The taillights of other cars are only on the left and right, but the taillights of BYD Qin are all lights. When BYD Qin turns on all the taillights, the brightness is also very high. Although it is not as good as Audi, it is much higher grade than many domestic cars, so under this situation, BYD Qin can also be on the list.

The above are the four major tail lights explained to you. I wonder what you think after reading them? Anyway, the editor feels that cars with better taillights are definitely better in other aspects. If you want to buy a good car and also like the bright shape of the taillights, you can start with the four car brands explained above. Of course, the above are just suggestions for everyone. When buying a car, we can't just pay attention to its taillights. We should look at the price, configuration, cost-effectiveness, value retention rate, etc. of the car. Okay, that’s all for today’s article. Which of the above four car brands do you like best?

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