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The old driver said: Must you know these "light languages"? Very useful

The old driver said: Must you know these light languages? Very useful 1

"What is the language of lights? Aren't car lights used to illuminate the road?" If you have such questions, you are basically a novice. Because car lights are not only a tool for illuminating the road, but also a "communication bridge" for car enthusiasts. For example, the most basic uses of headlights also have their own special meanings. New car owners should learn more about them before proceeding. Get on the road!

The headlights flash with the message: The vehicle in front will not move when the green light comes on.

Sometimes when waiting for a traffic light, you may get distracted and forget to start when the light turns green. At this time, the car owner behind you may flash your headlights directly to give a friendly reminder to the car in front. (It is best not to honk the horn wildly. If the car in front is a novice, it may aggravate the tension)

The headlights flash twice to remind the other party to turn off the high beam when meeting another car.

If you are driving at night and see the other vehicle's headlights flashing twice, quickly check to see if you forgot to turn off the high beams. If you are careful and inadvertently become a hated "high beam dog", after all, high beams can easily cause damage. Dazzling the opponent, making him "blind" in real life.

The headlights flash three times to alert neighboring cars of potential safety hazards.

This situation is rare, but it is also a kind reminder. Sometimes the trunk may be forgotten to close, the car tires may be flat, or the oil may be leaking. In this case, it is best to pull over and check the car, so as to Reduce the incidence of accidents.

The old driver said: Must you know these light languages? Very useful 2

Side-by-side lantern language: Agree with a flash and reject with a flash.

When it is necessary to overtake and merge into a lane, if the vehicle ahead flashes continuously, the overtaking is refused. Flashing the headlights indicates consent. Generally, changing lanes after obtaining consent can achieve civilized driving and avoid forced traffic jams and disputes. Of course, after changing lanes, You can double flash three times to express your gratitude.

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