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The pros and cons of modifying car headlights

For cars, headlights are like human eyes. Bright eyes allow us to receive image information more clearly. Good headlights can improve driving safety at night and make driving at night easier and more comfortable for drivers. Because car owners are not satisfied with the performance of original car lights, modified headlights have naturally become a hot spot in the modification market, but the knowledge and key points involved are not known to most people. Wrong modification and use will not only fail to achieve the desired results, but will also harm others and yourself. The types and pros and cons of car light modifications are roughly as follows:

The pros and cons of modifying car headlights 1

Increase the power of car lights. Increasing the power of the original car lights from 50W to 60W to 100W to 120W and directly increasing the bulb power is a simple modification method that has been used for a long time. However, this method will increase the power consumption of the lights. If the battery capacity is too small or the performance decreases, long-term use may cause difficulty in igniting the train. In addition, the heat generated by high-power headlights increases greatly, and there is a risk of burning the headlight assembly. What’s even more troublesome is that because the original vehicle circuit has been strictly designed, increasing the power of the bulb will cause serious heating of the circuit. For vehicles of poor quality or that are already aging, it is easier to cause a short circuit and catch fire. This can now be solved by installing a brightness enhancement controller. However, the problem of light bulb heating cannot be eliminated.

Install a brightener. The principle of the brightener is to change the headlight circuit and directly connect it to the battery to draw power. The vehicle circuit only plays a control role. This method can effectively protect the original car lines, while reducing the line resistance and increasing the voltage. In fact, it actually increases the luminous power of the original car lights in disguise. Judging from the structure of the brightener, there are two types. A simple one only provides short-distance power transmission and control functions. The price is between 50 yuan and 100 yuan, but it does not greatly improve the brightness, but it can generally be replaced with a higher power. of light bulbs are used to achieve a brightening effect. One is to filter and rectify the power supply and appropriately increase the working voltage of the car lights to achieve the purpose of brightening. This type of product generally only allows bulbs with original power, and the price is generally between 200 yuan and 300 yuan.

Modify HID. HID is the general name for gas discharge lamps, and xenon lamps are widely used in automobiles. Because this light source emits light through high-voltage exciting rare gas discharge, there is no filament lamp, and its service life is 10 times longer than that of ordinary halogen lamps. The light color temperature is high, and the driver's vision is not easily fatigued; and its power is 35W, and its luminous rate is that of 55W halogen lamps. 3~5 times. Due to its many advantages, xenon lamps have attracted the attention of many automobile manufacturers and automotive supplies manufacturers as soon as they came out. However, due to their high price, there are still only a few mid- to high-end models as original standard equipment.

Replace the xenon-filled halogen lamp. Based on ordinary halogen lamps, new light bulbs filled with the rare gas xenon to improve luminous efficiency have come out in recent years. Their luminous efficiency is generally 30% to 50% higher than that of ordinary halogen lamps, and the highest is claimed to be 90% higher. Manufacturers then provide different color temperatures by coating the lamp housing. In addition, because it can improve brightness and visual perception without changing the original car wiring or increasing power consumption, the price is between 150 yuan and 300 yuan.

Advantages of xenon car lights

Good color temperature: HID lamps can produce light with a color temperature of 4000-12000, which is close to the color of midday sunlight and has the highest acceptance and comfort for the human eye.

High brightness: A 35w xenon lamp can produce 3500 lumens. It brings unprecedented driving comfort to car owners driving at night; it makes the driver's vision clearer and greatly reduces the chance of driving accidents.

Low power consumption: The power of HID is generally only 35 W, while the power of ordinary car lights is generally 55 W. More energy efficient than ordinary halogen lamps.

Long life: HID uses electrons to excite gas to emit light and does not have tungsten filaments, so it has a long life. A set of HID gas discharge lamps lasts about 3,000 hours.

High stability: Once the power supply system and battery fail, the ballast automatically shuts down and stops working.

High safety: Due to the characteristics of the xenon lamp, when the xenon lamp fails, it will not go out instantly. Instead, it will go out by gradually dimming (or light up quickly), allowing the driver to gain time when driving in the dark and pull over in an emergency. parking.

Disadvantages of xenon lamps

Necessary ballast: Xenon lamps must be used with a ballast. To light up the xenon lamp, a ballast is required to instantly increase the voltage of 12v to 32000v.

High installation difficulty: Xenon lamps are more difficult to install than LED lamps, requiring various matchings and sometimes component processing.

Should car headlights be modified with xenon lamps or LED lamps - Things to note

The pros and cons of modifying car headlights 2

1. When choosing LED car lights, you must look at the heat dissipation process, materials used, and the scale of the manufacturer. These determine the brightness, stability, and service life of the LED lights.

2. When choosing a xenon lamp, be sure to look at the color temperature and light transparency. The transparency of the lamp tube and the verticality of the lamp tube can tell the quality of the production process of the light bulb. Generally, a color temperature of 5500k is the best and most suitable mode for human eyes.

3. For xenon lamps, you must buy big brands, such as Osram and APA. Otherwise, if you buy light bulbs from small factories, they are prone to problems, not to mention the quality, and they often break.

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