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These high-looking car lights will make people look at them forever.

The design trend of modern cars has gradually changed from a simple means of transportation to a symbol that can better express the personality of young people, and the design of car lights plays a finishing touch for each car, showing the The spirit of the car. Eyes are the windows to the human soul, and for cars, headlights are like human eyes.

So below, the editor will introduce several car lights with full sense of design and technology.

Volvo XC90 "Quake"

These high-looking car lights will make people look at them forever. 1

"Thor's Hammer" headlights

These high-looking car lights will make people look at them forever. 2

"Thor's Hammer" headlights can be said to be Volvo's iconic design. The name sounds extremely domineering, and the shape is elegant, dynamic and classy. Combined with the straight waterfall-style high-gloss chrome-plated grille, it is distinctive and extremely personalized, and it is also highly recognizable. Isn’t it cool? The design of Thor's hammer is inspired by Nordic mythology. The T-shaped design is rigid yet elegant, conveying the deep Nordic culture. The overall shape is still a simple design style, with a balance of strength and softness. Seen from a distance in the dark, it is full of power.

Audi A8L LED matrix lights

These high-looking car lights will make people look at them forever. 3

Audi LED matrix lights

Speaking of headlights, you must have the "light factory" Audi. The matrix LED headlights of the Audi A8 are definitely the representative of the best masterpieces of headlights. They are composed of 25 LED light bodies in groups of 5 to form a high and low beam lighting assembly. The road conditions automatically adjust the lighting conditions, with up to 960 million light exposure methods. If you buy lights and get them for your car, it’s Audi. Countless light combinations illuminate the future with intelligent light, becoming a bright guide in the dark night.

Mercedes-Benz CSC "Devil's Eye"

These high-looking car lights will make people look at them forever. 4

"Evil Eyes"

As the leader of luxury brands, Mercedes-Benz naturally has to excel in all aspects. Usually, the design of Mercedes-Benz headlights is usually based on the "eyebrow shape" as the original design standard, and the headlights of Mercedes-Benz CSC, a concept model that has not been launched, The design is particularly outstanding, as if it is like the charming eye of the fairy from Pandora. It is so handsome that it is called the "evil eye". The dark red car lights are like devil's eyes, waiting for the opportunity to move and choose people to devour. When they are opened, they shine brightly and capture people's hearts. They are sharp and domineering without losing elegance. Unfortunately, it has never been put into mass production and is still in the concept car stage.

BMW M4 "Angel Eyes"

These high-looking car lights will make people look at them forever. 5

"Angel Eyes"

Speaking of the most classic design of BMW models, in addition to the kidney grille, the angel eye headlights are also one of the iconic designs. Although they are not as popular as Audi in the field of car lights, they still have a pair of "angel eyes". Many people recognize it at a glance at night. The BMW M4 headlights with angel eyes are full of exquisiteness. They use brand-new angel eye laser headlights. The double "U"-shaped LED daytime running lights outline smooth lines. The eyebrow line above is the finishing touch. Hence the name. It is precisely because of these "angel eyes" that more people remember the M4 model.

Acura nsx (picture)

These high-looking car lights will make people look at them forever. 6

Acura nsx

The low-key Acura NSX's headlights are full of technology and inherit the design language of Acura's new family headlights. Each set of headlights contains 6 independent LED lights. The long and narrow design of the headlights is sharp and clear. The front and rear light clusters of the NSX are very distinctive. It is aggressive and makes the car's appearance more technological and mysterious. In addition, the LED lights use the exquisite light distribution of 8 optical lenses to allow each light to illuminate a different range, achieving brighter distant and wider lighting effects near. Moreover, the color of the light is close to that of natural light, extending infinitely to provide a wider field of vision for safe high-speed driving.​​​

DS7 "Lights of Paris"

These high-looking car lights will make people look at them forever. 7

DS7 "Lights of Paris"

The DS7 set of LED smart headlights called "Paris Lights" must have a name. It draws bright visual inspiration from France's top luxury jewelry diamonds, and is ultimately shaped into a dynamically opening smart headlight. The three LED lights in the light cavity are stunning in shape, looking like gems from the front, and can automatically rotate 180° when the vehicle is unlocked, emitting a dazzling purple light like diamonds, just like a dazzling light show. This highly ceremonial opening method makes car owners feel "welcome".

Finally, there are actually many good-looking headlights, and I can’t list them all. If you don’t like them all, don’t mind. You can leave me a message.

Thanks for reading, I'm a slightly handsome car enthusiast

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