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Tips for upgrading car lighting configurations

Many friends will first compare the configurations when buying a car. The most common ones are reversing radar, central control display, cruise control, etc. People tend to ignore the lighting configuration. Manufacturers have also learned about the psychology of customers and made simple adjustments in this regard. Car owners will slowly realize it after driving for a while. Today we will discuss the upgrade of car lighting.

Tips for upgrading car lighting configurations 1

You don’t have to worry about these two configurations when choosing a car. The original cars that come out of the assembly line will reserve installation positions. Nowadays, there are car light modification shops everywhere, and the modification technology is also becoming mature. The price is around 700, and you can combine the front fog lights and daytime lights. Install driving lights, and you can even change it to "angel eyes or devil eyes" to highlight your personality.

Tips for upgrading car lighting configurations 2

Headlight upgrade

Cars priced under RMB 200,000 are usually equipped with halogen headlights, commonly known as "candle lights." 55W can only emit 1,000 lumens, but have a short service life and low luminous efficiency. Modifying xenon headlights can solve this problem very well (replacing high-wattage bulbs, imported bulbs, adding enhancement lights, etc., the effect is only average)

Xenon headlights outperform halogen lamps in terms of luminous intensity and energy saving. The 55w halogen headlights only have a brightness of about 1,000 lumens, while the 35w xenon headlights can emit about 3,200 lumens.

Tips for upgrading car lighting configurations 3

What the hell is lumen value?

Lumen is the transliteration of English Lumen, abbreviated as lm, which is a unit of measurement of luminous intensity. It refers to the luminous flux emitted by a light source within a unit solid angle in a specified direction. The higher the lumen, the higher the luminous intensity.

Xenon headlights must be retrofitted with lenses. Xenon lamps are structurally different from the original halogen lamps. After modification, the focusing point will change. Simply put, the light will scatter and sway to the other side when meeting cars, causing hidden dangers to both parties. Installing a lens can easily solve this problem. this problem. There are various types of lenses on the market. It is best to choose a well-known brand, such as Osram, Hella, Koito, Philips, etc.

Tips for upgrading car lighting configurations 4

Tips for upgrading car lighting configurations 5

After reading it, you need to pay attention to the fact that you have to be more direct when bargaining. A box of Osram set plus Hella 5 pairs of lenses costs about 1,600 yuan, and 500 yuan in labor hours (provided that the store is willing to help you install it). Changing the lamp involves sealing and circuit connection issues. It is recommended that you go to a professional light modification shop. I hope you will have some understanding of car light upgrades after reading this.

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