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Tuxiang Car Lights: What kind of car lights should be upgraded to meet the annual inspection?

Many car owners are pursuing the lighting of their cars, and upgrading and modifying the lights is inevitable. Although sometimes no major modifications are made, the modifications you make may not comply with national regulations. So, how do we modify and upgrade the car lights? What kind of car lights meet the annual inspection requirements?

1. Color temperature

When modifying vehicle lights, the color temperature cannot exceed 6000K. When the machine factory tests the car lights, it can only detect any light source that can reach 6000K. Once it does not meet the machine's detection requirements, the detector will not detect it.

Tuxiang Car Lights: What kind of car lights should be upgraded to meet the annual inspection? 1

(halogen lamp with normal brightness)

Undetectable lighting conditions will be greatly affected during detection, so we must pay special attention to this point. When modifying the car lights, I also need to be careful not to cause other effects on road traffic, so when modifying, I must have a certain understanding of the annual inspection requirements.

2. Brightness

The annual inspection requires that the low beam headlights should not be less than 1,200 lumens. After all, no one would change the headlights to be very dim, so the illumination of the lights needs to be considered when upgrading the headlights. We often see some passing vehicles with headlights that are either yellowish and dim, or so bright that we cannot open our eyes. No matter what the light is, we must know that both too dark and too bright are inappropriate. The light of the halogen lamp must be reflective. This kind of light is more friendly to driving at night and the brightness will be more uniform. As for the headlights with cooler colors, such as xenon lights and LED headlights, the brightness should be controlled to meet the annual inspection standards.

Tuxiang Car Lights: What kind of car lights should be upgraded to meet the annual inspection? 2

(Car lights with normal brightness)

3. Angel eyes and devil eyes

Changing headlights such as angel eyes and devil eyes will definitely not pass the annual inspection. Moreover, LED or xenon alone without a lens cannot pass the annual inspection. In addition, there are technical requirements for modifying lights. The technology of the modification shop determines the effect of the modified lights, so it is recommended that you choose professional lamp modifications with high reputation and rich experience. Shop remodeled

Tuxiang Car Lights: What kind of car lights should be upgraded to meet the annual inspection? 3

Tuxiang Auto Lighting has always attached great importance to the improvement of lighting technology, and is a car lighting upgrade shop that puts the safety of vehicle lighting modification first. Therefore, from the perspective of safety, Tuxiang Auto Lighting has developed efficient and safe lighting modification tools in the practice of modifying lamps. Currently, the tools and methods have served thousands of car lamp modification shops at home and abroad.

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