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Types, advantages and disadvantages of common car headlights, which one would you choose?

Many car owners always feel that the headlights of their cars are not as bright as those of others, and they always want to change the headlights of their cars. So what are the types of car headlights now? With the continuous development of automobile technology, vehicle headlights have also developed. Halogen, xenon and LED headlights have appeared on different models one after another. However, these types of headlights have their own characteristics. Here are the Share the situation of these car headlights.

Types, advantages and disadvantages of common car headlights, which one would you choose? 1

1. Halogen car headlights

Halogen car headlights are actually special incandescent lamps, which are widely used in the field of automotive lighting. The principle is to use a resistor to generate heat when current passes through it. When the temperature is high enough, it emits blackbody radiation with a wavelength in the visible light band. It is generally divided into iodine tungsten lamps and bromine tungsten lamps. After different incandescent lamps are lit, although the filament temperature is not as high as the boiling point of tungsten, a small amount of tungsten will still volatilize at high temperatures. When the volatilized tungsten is cooled, it will condense, and soon a black pattern will form on the inner wall of the bulb. Tungsten film.

Types, advantages and disadvantages of common car headlights, which one would you choose? 2

If iodine is added to the bulb of a car headlight, when the tungsten volatilizes at high temperatures, it will react chemically with iodine and generate a low-boiling compound, tungsten iodide. Tungsten iodide will react with high temperatures. Decompose, so that the tungsten will reattach to the filament and the iodine will continue to be free in the form of a gas between the filament and the housing. Repeatedly, the consumption frequency of tungsten filament will be greatly reduced, and the service life of halogen car headlights will be extended accordingly.

2. Xenon car headlights

Xenon car headlights (High Intensity DischargeLamp) is a gas discharge lamp. It uses a matching electronic ballast to instantly increase the 12V voltage of the battery to a trigger voltage of more than 23kV, and then high-voltage pulse electricity is applied between the metal electrodes in a completely sealed miniature quartz bulb. The substances in the excitation bulb (xenon, a small amount of mercury vapor, and metal halides) are ionized in the arc to produce light. Xenon car headlights have two significant advantages: on the one hand, xenon bulbs have three times higher light intensity than ordinary halogen bulbs, but consume only two-thirds of the energy; on the other hand, xenon bulbs use a light similar to sunlight. Light color creates better visual conditions for drivers.

Types, advantages and disadvantages of common car headlights, which one would you choose? 3

Although xenon bulbs use a light color similar to that of daylight, they contain more green and blue components, so they appear blue-white light. This blue-white light greatly improves the brightness of road signs and signs. The luminous flux of xenon car headlights is more than twice that of halogen lamps. At the same time, the efficiency of converting electrical energy into light energy is more than 70% higher than that of halogen lamps. Therefore, it can effectively expand the visual range in front of the vehicle, thereby creating a safer driving conditions.

3. LED car headlights

LED is Light EmittingThe abbreviation of Diode is commonly known as light-emitting diodes. They are an important part of many vehicle taillights, high-mounted brake lights and daytime running lights today, and some even use them in vehicle headlights. LED's luminous efficiency is higher, its energy consumption is only 1/20 of that of halogen lamps, and its service life is as long as 100,000 hours. It basically does not need to be replaced during the design life of the vehicle. In addition, its small size and compactness make it easy to arrange and design.

Types, advantages and disadvantages of common car headlights, which one would you choose? 4

LED headlights only take microseconds to light up, and can quickly achieve warning effects when used on taillights and turn signals. LED headlights have high brightness and can be driven by low-voltage direct current. They have low requirements on the use environment and do not require a voltage booster like xenon lamps.

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