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Want to change your car headlights, but don’t know about LED headlights? Come and take a look, popul

From 2001 to 2022, the application of LED headlights in car headlights became more and more common, and even most high-end car models were equipped with LED headlights from the factory. With the widespread application of LED car lights, people are becoming more and more accepting of LED headlights. This is mainly due to the development of LED headlight technology. LED headlight technology has made a qualitative leap compared to a few years ago. The headlights are more concentrated, brighter, smaller and more durable!

In the automobile aftermarket, replacing halogen lamps and upgrading LED headlights is the hottest part of the modification market. However, many car enthusiasts have these confusions: the car headlights are too dim, and they want to upgrade halogen lamps to LEDs, but they are not sure about the size of LEDs. I don’t know much about the lamp! ? I have read many popular science articles and short videos, but still know little about LED headlights and don’t know how to start?

If you are a novice about car lights, before upgrading your car to LED headlights, first understand the terms related to LED headlights!

Halogen lamp:

Inject halogen gas such as iodine or bromine into the incandescent bulb. At high temperature, the sublimated tungsten wire reacts chemically with the halogen. The cooled tungsten will re-solidify on the tungsten wire, forming a balanced cycle to avoid premature breakage of the tungsten wire. , but the brightness needs to be improved.

Xenon lights:

Also called high-pressure gas discharge lamp, it is a heavy metal lamp. It is filled with inert gas such as xenon in an anti-UV crystal quartz glass tube, and then uses a supercharger to instantly increase the vehicle's 12-volt power supply to 23,000 volts. Under high voltage, xenon gas will be ionized and create a light source between the poles of the power source.

LED headlights:

LED headlights are composed of a solid-state semiconductor device that can convert electrical energy into visible light - a light-emitting diode. It is a cold light source and converts almost all of the energy into visible light.

LED light source:

COB technology (formal): chip On board Light - a high-efficiency integrated surface light source technology in which LED chips are directly attached to high-reflectivity mirror metal substrates. Disadvantages are large light-emitting area, poor light concentrability and poor thermal conductivity; advantages: cheap.

Flip-chip technology: A light source technology that inverts the main chip so that the light excited by the luminescent layer is emitted directly from the other side of the electrode. The advantages of flip-chip technology are that the light-emitting point of flip-chip technology is small, the light concentration is good, the temperature resistance is higher, and the lifespan is more guaranteed. .

Want to change your car headlights, but don’t know about LED headlights? Come and take a look, popul 1

Luminous flux: The total amount of light emitted by a light source per unit time, unit lumens (LM), generally refers to brightness.

Light efficiency: the amount of light emitted per unit power (lm/w).

Illumination: The luminous flux of visible light received per unit area, unit lux (Lux or Lx).

Color temperature: A physical quantity used to define the color of a light source in lighting optics. Its unit is expressed in "K" (Kelvin temperature unit).

Light attenuation: the amount of light attenuation.

Pre-installation market: Car lamp manufacturers provide supporting equipment to OEMs and directly supply car lamps.

Aftermarket: Products produced by manufacturers are sold through dealers, mainly through sales channels. Customers can choose to modify the lights when purchasing a car.

Single vision lens: only low beam, usually using halogen or xenon bulbs.

Bifocal lens: It is a lens that can switch between high and low light through the light shield inside the lens; when the light shield is closed, it is low beam; when the light shield is open, it is high beam; but the light bulb inside the lens is Motionless.

Single lamp: A lamp that can only produce one beam of light in a single lamp.

Double lamp: The far and near beams are integrated, and a single bulb can produce two different beams, far and near.

Seeing this, do you have a general understanding of the terms car headlights?

Jiu plus one has been building a national brand and constantly innovating and developing. Jiu plus one is a national high-tech enterprise with 16 years of experience in car light research and development. It is one of the first companies in the industry to provide LED car headlight modification solutions, and has been doing so for 4 consecutive years. Won the top ten lighting brands in the industry every year, it is a trustworthy brand with 118 domestic and foreign patents, 5 major branches in the world, and product sales covering more than 60 countries and regions.

Want to change your car headlights, but don’t know about LED headlights? Come and take a look, popul 2

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