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Weichehui briefly analyzes what should be paid attention to before upgrading and modifying car light

Car Light Upgrade Generally speaking, when we look at a car, we will first look at the car lights on its front face. It is said that the eyes are the windows of a person’s soul, so beautiful and crystal clear car lights are like the eyes of a car, which may give the whole car Adding luster to the car is the finishing touch. Below, Chongqing Wechehui Technology Service Co., Ltd. will share with you what car owners should understand before changing the lights on their car.

Weichehui briefly analyzes what should be paid attention to before upgrading and modifying car light 1

Car lights are special compared to other car modifications, because they can only be seen at night or when visibility is poor. Car headlight modification vehicles usually carry nothing more than our family and friends. If you drive to a suburban area without street lights at night, or speed on the highway, you will find how important it is to be able to see in the distance, so The upgrade of car lights cannot be ignored. Unlike modified accessories such as body stickers, tail wings and outflanks, which can give people a visual impact at any time, car lights play a big role in driving the car. Therefore, before introducing the common sense of car light modification, I would like to remind all modification fans that all modifications of car lights must be based on the premise of not giving up its original lighting function. Otherwise, no matter how beautiful the lights are, they will only increase the risk factor for driving.

Weichehui briefly analyzes what should be paid attention to before upgrading and modifying car light 2

There are many modification fans who have a special liking for cold light. They think that cold light is not only cool but also has better lighting effects. In fact, this is a wrong concept. The penetrating power of cold-colored light is very poor, and the lighting effect in low-visibility environments such as foggy days and windy sand is not as good as warm light. Moreover, cold light is very irritating to people's eyes, making other drivers and pedestrians feel uncomfortable and increasing the risk of driving.

The unit of brightness is lm. 1lm refers to the brightness of a candle's candlelight appearing 1 meter away. To give an example of this concept, the brightness of a 60w incandescent bulb is about 1000lm, and the brightness of a 120w is approximately 1200lm. However, in actual use, the brighter the light, the better. The lighting effect of the car is related to color temperature, brightness, scattering, angle, height, etc. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone should understand the relevant knowledge of car headlights to avoid detours when modifying their cars.

Weichehui briefly analyzes what should be paid attention to before upgrading and modifying car light 3

Upgrading LED headlights usually involves replacing the bifocal lens, ballast and xenon lamp as a whole. The focus of this approach is to choose reliable quality lenses and ballasts and xenon lamps. The advantage of this method is that after modification, the improvement effect is very obvious, generally 2-3 times higher than the original car halogen lamp.

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