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What are the uses of so many lights on a car? Explanation of the nine functions of car lights

Everyone knows that the correct use of car lights is also very important. The use of car lights is not as simple as it seems on the surface. The use of car lights is also directly related to safe driving. Many car owners are not aware of the key to the correct use of car lights. Sex, let me tell you about the car lights next!

1. Width indicator light on car

It refers to the display of the width of the car. It is also what everyone calls the small light every day. When the light outside is not too bright, the car's width indicator light should also be turned on. This can remind other cars that, for example, the light is not very good in the garage. It is best to turn on the width indicator light, but the width indicator light does not have much lighting effect!

2.Car low beam headlights

What are the uses of so many lights on a car? Explanation of the nine functions of car lights 1

Generally, you need to turn on your low-beam headlights under the following conditions: driving in a dark place with no street lights, or driving in the evening when it is dark or at dawn, then you must turn on your low-beam headlights. In heavy fog, snow, or heavy rain, the line of sight will be blocked. Even during the day, the low beam should be turned on. Although there are lighting equipment on some road sections, the brightness is not enough. At this time, the low beam can be turned on. !

3. Car high beam lights

High beams can only be used when there is no other light on the road and there are no cars driving on the other side. Otherwise, it will interfere with the other party's line of sight and may even cause a traffic accident. Everyone needs to be careful not to use high beam as low beam.

4.Car fog lights

Fog lights are usually yellow halogen light sources and can only be turned on in foggy days and rainy days when visibility is not very good. Since the high beam is the same, if it is turned on under normal conditions, it will also have an impact on the driver. Many drivers turn on the fog lights as low beam, which is wrong!

5.Car double flashing indicator light

Among so many lights on a car, the double-flash indicator light is the highest indicating state, indicating that the current situation of the car is urgent for other pedestrians and cars to pay more attention to. Under normal circumstances, the car will be in an accident or temporarily parked. Double flash is on, especially at high speeds!

6.Car turn signal

This light is a kind of signal light. This light is also turned on when the car is turning and keeps flashing. This also reminds cars and pedestrians to pay more attention. You need to know when to turn on the turn signal, and it can be turned on when you are about 30 meters to 100 meters away from the turning intersection. Opening too early will also cause the car behind you to forget to turn off the turn signal, and opening too late will make the following vehicles and pedestrians unprepared, often making mistakes while busy!

7.Car brake lights

The intensity of this light is increased, and the vehicle in front has to slow down or stop. If this light is used improperly, it can easily lead to a rear-end collision. In addition, pay more attention when replacing the brake light bulb, and be sure not to connect it reversely!

8.Car reversing lights

This light is to reduce the blind area when reversing. When reversing, a white reversing light will also light up at the rear of the car. It can usually illuminate the parking space and obstacles, which can reduce the blind area when reversing. It also reminds pedestrians at the rear of the car!

9. Daytime running lights on cars

What are the uses of so many lights on a car? Explanation of the nine functions of car lights 2

Most of them use brighter white LED bulbs as light sources, and they also have a strong warning effect during the day!


Whether the car light switch is correct also plays a very critical role in safe driving. The correct use of car lights not only protects oneself, but also creates an orderly traffic environment!

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