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What drivers need to know when upgrading car lights

What drivers need to know when upgrading car lights 1

The lights of your car are not on, which poses a serious threat to driving safety at night. On the way home, when someone turns on their high beams and looks at your candle light, the first thing we think of at this time is how to reasonably upgrade the lights of our car. Woolen cloth? If you install xenon lights, you are afraid of being caught by the traffic police, and you are also worried that the lights of your car will be too bright and will seriously affect others. So for car owners, what kind of lights is a reasonable upgrade without causing unnecessary trouble?

What drivers need to know when upgrading car lights 2

Headlight assembly

At this point, some driver masters may say that they would consider replacing the assembly directly. Relatively speaking, the assembly does not require breaking the lights, and the installation is relatively convenient. The only disadvantage is that the original high-end headlights are too expensive, and The service life of the auxiliary factory headlights is relatively short, and they may age after two or three years of use. The only advantage of the auxiliary factory lights is that they have daytime running lights. If some masters pursue good looks, they can replace the headlight assembly and pursue lighting. If the road effect is poor, it is recommended to directly replace the lens of the original car.

What drivers need to know when upgrading car lights 3

Hella 5 bifocal lens

So what should we pay attention to when replacing the original car lens? Some car owners do not understand these things. How should we identify the authenticity of the things when we change the lights? How can it be genuine and affordable? Next, let’s talk about the Hella 5 bifocal lens. Hella 5 is a bifocal lens produced by the German Hella company. Its main function is to replace the single-focal lens of the original car and improve the road illumination effect. The lens is a pitted mirror that can better spread out the light. There is an obvious Hella logo on the motor. Also, pay attention to the tail and motor. They are really fundamentally different from the domestic Hella 5 because Hella The Hella 5 has been discontinued, so the price is also very high. At this time, some domestic merchants have researched and developed the domestic Hella 5. Of course, the quality is good or bad, it all depends on the manufacturer, but please remember the driver. Don’t spend imported money to modify domestic parts. You must visit a few professional lamp modification shops to ensure quality.

What drivers need to know when upgrading car lights 4

Osram CBL light bulb

The picture above shows Osram's CBL bulb, which is considered to be a top-grade bulb among Osram's on the market. The color temperature is 5500K, and the effect is yellow light with a bit of white. Because it is a top-grade bulb, the price is definitely more expensive than ordinary light bulbs, so everyone Car owners should pay attention to identifying the light bulbs when modifying them. It is generally recommended that 4300K ​​light yellow light is enough.

What drivers need to know when upgrading car lights 5

Osram ballast

Generally speaking, our ballasts are divided into domestic and imported ones. Of course, there are also 35W, 45W and even 55W ballasts. However, as our professional lighting modification shop, we generally recommend using 35W ballasts, which are generally more stable. Domestic ballasts like: Okom, Ozim, Aquamarine, Max decoder ballast, etc. These are the commonly used domestic ballasts with good quality and stability. Imported ballasts like: Osram, Vaco, Valeo, Hella, etc. wait. Therefore, our driver masters please keep your eyes open when modifying the lights of your car. There are too many fakes now. Please check more companies while modifying the lights of your car. Thanks

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