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What Is Unique About Tesla Model Y Harness

Speaking of Tesla, I believe everyone has a certain understanding. As an international well-known automobile manufacturer, his family's new energy vehicles have advocated the domestic market of environmental protection and new energy in recent years, with rapid development and sales momentum. It can be said that they are now the leader of the new energy vehicle industry.So, as the "big man" of new energy vehicles, what is unique about it? Today, let's talk about one thing we have to admire and worship, that is, harness.For new energy vehicles, the kinetic energy of the whole vehicle is maintained by electric energy, and the transmission of these electric energy is inseparable from the harness. As early as January 2020, it can be seen in Tesla's new model y, because the harness of this SUV that can subvert the automotive industry is only 100m!

What Is Unique About Tesla Model Y Harness 1

You heard right. It's really only 100m! Compared with the data of Tesla's own model s / x with a total length of 3000m, model y directly reduces 95% of the harness. This optimization is really huge. What benefits does this optimization bring?Expansion of harness functionThe internal harness of model y can transmit current and data at the same time. When it is designed, it does not comply with strict functional restrictions. It breaks the traditional rule barriers between harnesses and uses fewer harnesses to achieve more and greater utility,

Optimize the assembly processOn the premise of ensuring the harness function, less harness layout can effectively optimize the assembly process and simplify the occupied space of parts. More streamlined harness layout can better save internal space, make the vehicle assembly process more clear and organized, and improve the efficiency of vehicle assembly.Atx-3000s series desktop harness and cable tester

Insulation test detection voltage dc50v-750vWithstand voltage test detection voltage ac50v-500vFour wire resistance test, with a minimum test accuracy of 0.002

With self-learning function, it can quickly detect the path, short circuit, open circuit and other connection relations of harness cables, help users carry out data comparison and analysis, and automatically record the test report. The maximum test point can reach 65536. The channel can be quickly expanded. It has compatible intelligent test software and large database. It can be automatically reset after high-voltage detection, making the detection safer.It supports WiFi wireless communication, optional control port RS232, USB and other interfaces, convenient peripheral connection, suitable for stand-alone operation or computer operation. It is equipped with win10 operating system and 10 inch multi-point capacitive touch screen, which makes the test operation more convenient and full of sense of science and technology.Optional accessories of the instrument include printer, probe, adapter plate and calibration accessories.

What Is Unique About Tesla Model Y Harness 2

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