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What kind of modifications are legal?

What kind of modifications are legal? 1

Nowadays, cars have entered thousands of households, and have gradually transformed from their previous role as a "luxury product" into their essential "tool of transportation." It is precisely because of this that cars have gradually become "homogeneous" products, and the chances of crashes on the road have greatly increased.

At this time, many people began to have the idea in their hearts that I want to modify my car and I want to be different. But doing modifications in China is a technical job. You must be very precise and fully understand the laws and regulations. Crazy testing on the edge of illegality, but without touching the bottom line of the law. Today, the editor will take everyone to count and see which modifications are "legal".

1. Engine brush ECU

What kind of modifications are legal? 2

If we talk about the simplest and most direct way to increase power, I believe many people will immediately think of upgrading the original engine ECU. Some original factory engineers will adjust the engine parameters relatively conservatively in order to make certain concessions and compromises to domestic road conditions and oil quality. At the same time, in order to further subdivide vehicle configurations, many manufacturers will launch high and low power versions. These practices of manufacturers have given many people the idea of ​​flashing the ECU.

What kind of modifications are legal? 3

The method of brushing the ECU to increase power is generally used on turbine cars. The more conservative the original engine is tuned, the more obvious the actual improvement effect will be. Of course, this kind of "legal" modification only stays at a certain limit of "first-order" procedures. Generally speaking, the "first-level" program allows you to increase power while keeping the original hardware intact, while in the "second-level" and "third-level" programs, the corresponding hardware such as air intake, exhaust, etc. must be upgraded accordingly. .

So if you want to upgrade the power in a low-key manner and legally, it is a good choice to apply the "First Level" program to the engine.

2. Color changing film

What kind of modifications are legal? 4

Changing the color of your car is like dyeing your own hair. Changing the color can always change your mood and bring freshness. But in the past, if you wanted to change the color of the car body, you had to go to great lengths to spray paint, which consumed manpower and material resources, and also destroyed the original paint. But now you only need to put a color-changing film on your car, and you can change the color as you like.

What kind of modifications are legal? 5

There are certain restrictions on changing color and returning to color. You must reasonably avoid the body colors of some special operation vehicles, such as police cars, fire trucks, etc. At the same time, you need to go to the vehicle management office in time to report the color change after the color change. This way you can legally hit the road.

3. Replace the wheel hub with the same size

What kind of modifications are legal? 6

When many people modify their vehicles, they first start with the wheels. Indeed, a good set of wheels determines the temperament of the entire vehicle. However, there are legal and illegal distinctions between wheel modifications. For example, if you replace the wheel hubs with larger sizes and the data of the original car are different, not only will you fail the annual inspection, but you may also be stopped by the traffic police and issued a ticket on the road.

What kind of modifications are legal? 7

But if you keep the original size and only change the style of the wheel hub, it will be "legal". For example, change from cast iron wheels to aluminum alloy wheels, or change to modified brand wheels of the same size. The most critical factor here is that the tire data must not be changed, including tire width, flatness, etc. Otherwise, during the annual inspection, you are very likely to fail because the tire data is different from the original manufacturer.

4. Upgrade the braking system

What kind of modifications are legal? 8

Many manufacturers now equip their vehicles with multi-piston calipers at the original factory, such as BYD's Tang DM, Buick Regal GS, etc. However, most manufacturers still use single-piston calipers, so many people are thinking about upgrading their braking systems. In fact, it is "legal" to modify the brakes, which includes replacing racing brake pads, brake discs and even brake calipers.

Upgrading the braking system within a reasonable range can not only improve the appearance, but also greatly reduce the braking distance and improve the braking feel. For example, the original braking effect of some Japanese cars is really mediocre. When danger occurs, you will most likely just watch the car crash upwards. How helpless you feel at this time. Of course, the choice of modified brakes should be based on your own vehicle conditions. It does not mean blindly installing 6-piston brakes. The more expensive the better, etc. Only by upgrading reasonably can you realize its maximum potential.

5. Change the interior

What kind of modifications are legal? 9

It is also "legal" to modify the interior, such as changing the leather on the seats, changing the sound system, changing the central control screen, etc. But be careful not to affect the performance of the original car during the modification process. For example, when wrapping leather, you should pay attention to leaving space for the airbag. When modifying the stereo, you should also pay attention to the safety of the connection of the circuits, etc., to avoid tragedies such as the airbag failing to deploy or short-circuiting and spontaneous combustion.

Although it is "legal" to modify the interior, it is also a matter of knowledge. When modifying the interior, you must consider practicality. For example, do not choose colorful leather, otherwise the center console will be seriously reflective and affect driving safety. This will not be worth the gain.

6. Modify the headlights

What kind of modifications are legal? 10

When many people see this, they begin to doubt themselves. What? Is it legal to modify headlights? Yes, you heard it right, it is legal to modify the headlights, as long as you have a good grasp of the scale. For example, upgrading lenses, changing the color temperature of light bulbs, etc. are all reasonable. But if you upgrade from the original halogen light source to xenon headlights or LED headlights, it is best to install a lens to focus the light. Otherwise, it is purely an act that harms others and does not benefit yourself, and will also be punished by the traffic police.

But there is a limit to modifying headlights. If you exceed this limit, you can only congratulate you for successfully attracting the attention of the police. For example, change the light source with extremely high or low color temperature, exaggerated devil eyes, angel eyes, tear eye decorations, etc. These copycat elements not only destroy the original style, but are also very likely to be seized by the traffic police for a small loss.

7. Engine roof bar

What kind of modifications are legal? 11

The engine roof bar is also a "legal" modification project, and cars such as the 7th generation Camry Sports Edition will be equipped by the original factory. Therefore, it is acceptable to install additional roofs and upgrade the original ones to a certain extent. However, the top bar cannot be installed at will. Although it will help improve the vehicle's handling, it must be used in conjunction with other modifications, otherwise it will have the opposite effect.

8. Chassis reinforcements

What kind of modifications are legal? 12

For example, roof bars, etc., need to be used with chassis reinforcements (depending on different models). Chassis reinforcements also fall within the category of "legal" modifications. If matched well, they can help improve the vehicle's handling and overall response of the body.

9. Short spring, twisted teeth

What kind of modifications are legal? 13

The suspension system is a consumable part of the vehicle, and it is understandable to replace and upgrade it. Of course, if you want to "legalize" the shock absorbers, you have to be careful. For example, the modified coilovers or short springs are spray-blackened and disguised as original, so that they will not be inspected whether it is for annual inspection or on the road.

At this point, the editor is really at a loss for words. I really can’t think of any other modifications that are legal in China. If you have anything to add, please leave a message in the comment area.

Friends who observe carefully may find that "legal" in the article is enclosed in double quotation marks. Because this actually has a gray area. It is said that it can be done without prohibition by law, but how to define black and white? Many times it is the law enforcers who have the final say. Moreover, some law enforcement officers may not be able to implement it well, and they even frequently made jokes that motorcycles are not motor vehicles. If he says you have changed, you have changed; if he says you have not changed, you have not changed.

Therefore, the road to the development of domestic car toying and modified cars is really a long way to go.

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