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What Language Does Mitsubishi PLC Use

As a world-famous enterprise, Mitsubishi Motor automation PLC has a high market share in China. As far as the programming language is concerned, it currently supports the mainstream programming methods in the market, such as ladder diagram, St, SFC and FBD. In terms of the current usage habits of Asians, ladder diagram is the main, FBD and St are also more, and different programming types are selected according to their preferences.There is no best programming language, only more suitable! The programming languages of Mitsubishi PLC include instruction table, ladder diagram, step SFC, structured text st and structured ladder diagram FBD. Each programming language has its own characteristics and corresponding application occasions. The selection of programming language is generally related to the model of PLC (Q, l, FX Series), project type (simple project, structured project) and relevant contents of control (sequence control, process control and communication control).Let's first introduce the characteristics of Mitsubishi programming language:

What Language Does Mitsubishi PLC Use 1

[instruction table] the way of inputting sequence control instructions through "LD", "and", "out" and other instruction languages is the most basic input form in sequence control program.[ladder diagram] use sequence symbols and software component numbers to draw sequence control ladder diagram on the picture shown in the figure, so that it can be better understood and mastered in the form of contacts and coils. It is very suitable for PLC beginners and personnel with electrician foundation.[SFC] completes the programming according to the design sequence of mechanical action process, which is suitable for the programming of mechanical action equipment.

[st structure text] a program language with syntax structure and text form similar to C language. Conditional statements can be used to select branches and repeat with circular statements. The program editing is very concise and clear, which is suitable for personnel with computer foundation.[structured ladder diagram] it can use circuit symbols such as contacts, coils, functions and functional modules to describe the program in the form of graphics, which is easy to understand intuitively. Therefore, it is widely used in sequence control program.According to the project type, simple projects generally use three languages: instruction table, ladder diagram and SFC. Ladder diagram is widely used. Ladder diagram, St, SFC and FBD can be used in structured projects.

1. Select according to the PLC type. Small computers such as FX series are mainly programmed with ladder diagram language. It belongs to integrated PLC, which is integrated with CPU, power supply, IO module and communication module. It is suitable for small-scale production. Medium and large computers are modular, such as IO, communication and positioning modules. The processing of each module part is relatively clear, and the programming is completed for the module. The part program can be saved as a library, which helps to improve the reusability of the program. Therefore, it is mostly completed by using structured programming language. In the past, when programming with simple ladder diagram language, there is no clear interval between all processes. In complex step programs, it is sometimes necessary to check and correct from beginning to end. Therefore, it is necessary to realize efficient programming, standardize and share commonly used programs, and reduce the man hours required for new development.

2. Project type, that is, the simple and structured program mentioned above. If we want to control less content, single function and less complex logic, we can choose a simple project and complete it by using instruction table, ladder diagram and SFC. If it is a large-scale process control or distributed network control with many control objects, it needs to adopt structured programming to shorten the programming time and reduce the time of redistribution of software components through reuse. The most important difference between simplification and structure is the use of "tags".

What Language Does Mitsubishi PLC Use 2

3. Control content: three control contents of PLC: 1 sequence control, the most basic logic control, 2 process control is mainly for analog quantity, 3 communication control is mainly related to data processing, network, etc. The complexity is also increasing. When dealing with these, the ladder diagram is somewhat stretched, such as string, database, network and other data processing, which requires a large number of steps. With the complexity of processing content, memory capacity and processing speed will be affected. Therefore, in the face of complex control content, it is necessary to adopt efficient programming languages, such as structured text st, structured ladder diagram module and FBD.

Generally speaking, no programming language is the best choice. We must choose according to the actual situation. I hope it can help you!

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