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What should I do if my car headlights are "soaked"? Don't worry, use this method

It's winter and the wind is blowing coldly. Many careful car owners will find that the headlights of their cars are foggy or even have a lot of water droplets. Headlights rely on electricity to work. If water and electricity "collide", isn't there a risk of "burning out" the headlights of my car? Don’t panic, headlight fogging and water intrusion may be caused by the following reasons. The editor below will tell you how to solve it!

A brief exploration into the causes of fogging and water intrusion!

Fogging and water intrusion in headlights often occur, but many people do not know the principles and reasons for the formation of water mist in headlights, and believe that fogging and water intrusion in headlights must be a quality problem of the car. In fact, this is not the case. Headlight fogging is a relatively common and normal phenomenon.

What should I do if my car headlights are soaked? Don't worry, use this method 1

First of all, we all know that when the headlights are turned on, they will emit a high amount of heat, which is the result of the conversion of light energy into heat energy. The headlight is not an absolute vacuum environment. The headlight is connected to the outside world through the ventilation rubber tube on the back cover of the headlight. Therefore, when the temperature is low in winter, the temperature difference between the inside and outside and the water vapor entering the headlight will cause the water vapor to accumulate on the inner wall of the headlight. It condenses into water mist, which is why the headlights fog up.

What should I do if my car headlights are soaked? Don't worry, use this method 2

It's different if the headlights get water. Generally speaking, headlights won't get water easily. After all, headlights are used for lighting and not for raising goldfish. Generally speaking, there are two paths for water to enter the headlight. The first is through the above-mentioned "rubber connecting pipe". This situation often occurs after irregular car washing or driving on rainy days.

What should I do if my car headlights are soaked? Don't worry, use this method 3

But as I just said, normal cars will not get water easily. There are two abnormal situations. One is that the sealing strip of your car’s headlights has aged, or a certain area of ​​the headlights is damaged; the other is that the headlights of your car are damaged. The first situation is the quality problem of the car's headlight seal. This inherent defect often appears in some lower-end cars.

What should I do if my headlights become foggy or flooded?

Every cause must have its effect. Can you save your life if your headlights become foggy or flooded? Calm down, it’s not as serious as you think. In the eyes of automotive professionals, these are all a piece of cake! So what should you do if your headlights get fogged or watered? In fact, it is very simple. The causes are mentioned above, so you only need to "prescribe the right medicine".

What should I do if my car headlights are soaked? Don't worry, use this method 4

First of all, if the headlights fog up normally, you only need to turn on the headlights and use the high temperature generated by the headlights to evaporate the water mist in the lampshade. After turning into water vapor, it will be discharged to the outside through the connecting pipe. To put it simply, if the normal headlights fog up, the water mist will be the same as commuting to and from get off work. You can return the same way you came to work.

What should I do if my car headlights are soaked? Don't worry, use this method 5

Then, if you find that the headlights are severely fogged and have condensed into water droplets, then you need to replace the headlight sealing strips or check whether the headlight shade is damaged. If so, replace it in time. Because generally speaking, the water mist from the headlights can be discharged through high temperature. If it cannot be discharged, then you have to check and replace it.

What should I do if my car headlights are soaked? Don't worry, use this method 6

If you find that water has entered your car due to aging, wading in water, or washing the car, you can still accept it. At worst, you can replace some accessories; you are afraid that the inside of the headlights will be soaked within a few days after buying the new car. If you encounter this situation, just go to the 4S store to make a claim. This is no longer a normal problem with the car, but a quality problem.

write at the end

After reading the article, you should quickly check to see if the headlights of your car are fogging or getting water in. If the water mist can be eliminated after turning on the lights for 30 minutes, then you don’t have to worry; if the water accumulation cannot be eliminated for a long time, Then you need to check the lampshade or sealing strip; if it is a new car that has become "wet when the weather is a little cold and the weather is a little cold," then it is recommended to go directly to the 4S store to make a claim.

In addition, we should pay more attention and attention when using cars in our daily life. After all, if the headlights are burned out due to severe water intrusion, a pair of car headlights costs several thousand yuan at least, and you can’t afford the damage! It’s everyone’s responsibility to take care of the car’s eyes. Are there any cars around you with water in their headlights?

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