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What should I do if my car lights fog up and water enters? How to repair?

The most common driving assistance tool we use in cars is the headlights. As the eyes of a car, the headlights will malfunction once they malfunction. It will have a great impact on our daily driving safety. In our daily life, we often find that car lights fog up and water enters. So what is going on? What to do if the car lights accidentally fog up and get wet?

To figure out the cause of water in the car lights, we should first understand the structure of the car lights, know the working principle of the car lights, and then investigate the cause of the failure to achieve the purpose of solving the problem once and for all. La la la la, la la la la.

What should I do if my car lights fog up and water enters? How to repair? 1

Car light assembly

According to the picture above, you can see that the structure of the headlight is divided into a lampshade and a lamp housing. Two parts before and after. Ventilation holes and sealing holes have been reserved in the rear light housing. When the car lights are in use, the temperature rise causes the temperature difference between the inside and outside to be inconsistent. Therefore, vent holes are reserved to ensure that the air in the lamp can pass through the inlet and outlet holes. The outside air pressure is the same. Once the air humidity is high and the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the lamp is too large, fog will form on the inner wall surface. However, with the improvement of technology, the basic lampshade interior of headlights now has aluminum oxide coating anti-fog treatment. Because the lamp wall is foggy, it usually appears on some old cars or cars that have not been coated with anti-fog coating.

In addition, there is another reason why some car owners have changed the lights later. In theory, the more regular the inside of the headlights, the larger the gaps between the components, the better the air circulation, and the less likely it is to fog. However, changing the lights will cause The indoor temperature of the car lights rises, accelerating the change in temperature difference between the inside and outside, and poor ventilation can easily cause fogging. In addition, some modified lamps will also open the lampshade and install a lens, and do not perform air tightness inspection and heating treatment when reinstalling. As a result, the inner wall of the headlights becomes severely fogged.

In addition, when using a high-pressure water gun to flush the engine compartment, water accidentally rushes into the headlights or the headlights are filled with water due to the seal of the headlight cover falling off, which is also one of the common causes of water in the headlights. There are also very common causes of water in the car lights, such as blisters or driving in high water levels.

What should I do if my car lights fog up and water enters? How to repair? 2

What should I do if my car light gets flooded?

After water enters the car lights, you should first observe the water intrusion. Check the headlight bowl for oxidation and corrosion. Check whether there is sand, dust and other dirt inside the lamp. If it is ordinary and mild fogging, you can find a specialized car light repair agency to heat and bake the evaporator box of the headlights to discharge the water vapor inside the headlights. If there is water ingress, the inside of the headlights needs to be cleaned. If it is serious, it is recommended to replace the headlight lens.

Is car light repair reliable?

Many car owners have many misunderstandings about vehicle headlight repairs. In addition, there is a lot of information on the Internet that promotes the difficulty of headlight repairs and promotes the futility of headlight repairs. In fact, in essence, we can regard the headlight assembly as an integral component, which has its own independent structure and function just like the car's gearbox and engine. Therefore, damage caused by the loss of a certain function does not mean that the entire component is damaged and can be repaired.

If the value of our car lights is too high, the economics of repairing them is still higher than replacing them with new ones. As long as you find a professional repair organization and follow the construction procedures, the functions after repair will be the same as those of the original factory.

Unlike other parts, the most difficult part of car headlight repair is to maintain the original performance and aesthetics after repair. Many maintenance agencies often ignore this point, resulting in poor appearance after repair, which is difficult for customers to accept. Some car owners with strong hands-on skills have also encountered similar problems in the process of modifying car lights. So if you can't solve it yourself, try to find a professional maintenance agency to handle it. In this way, we can help you restore a perfect original car light!

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