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What should I do if my car taillight gets water? If you don’t know it, the solution is so simple.

Every rainy season, car taillights are frequently flooded with water. If not dealt with in time, the accumulation of water in the headlights will affect the light transmittance. Especially at night, the vision will be greatly reduced, and the direction of illumination of the car lights will also be changed, affecting the Other vehicles and pedestrians also seriously interfere with the driver's normal line of sight. If water accumulation is severe, light bulbs and circuits may be damaged. Next, a 30-year-old driver from Chengdu Vantone will teach you how to deal with water in your car’s taillights.

What should I do if my car taillight gets water? If you don’t know it, the solution is so simple. 1

There are two types of water intrusion in car taillights, one is slight water ingress, and the other is serious water intrusion. The two situations are handled differently.

1. Slight water intrusion Drivers don’t have to worry too much about slight water intrusion in the lights. After the lights are turned on for a period of time, the mist will be discharged out of the lights through the ventilator along with the hot air. This will basically not damage the tail lights and electrical appliances. circuit.

2. The water accumulation inside the headlights with severe water intrusion is enough for fish farming. If you find this phenomenon, you should go to the 4S shop for disassembly and repair as soon as possible, or disassemble it and open the lampshade. After drying, check whether there is any damage or possible leakage on the surface of the headlight. If any abnormality is found, it is recommended to replace the headlight. Cover seal and breather tube.


Never bake the headlights after water has entered the car. Doing so can easily damage the headlights. Because the exterior of the headlights are made of plastic material, the extra heat can easily bake the lampshades, and most of this damage is caused by Unrepairable.

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