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What should I do if the headlights are foggy under normal circumstances?

What should I do if the headlights are foggy under normal circumstances? 1

Sometimes even the original headlights will have fog. It is possible that a small amount of moist air enters the inside of the headlight from the heat dissipation channel and condenses on the wall of the lampshade due to the temperature difference. At this time, as long as the lights are turned on for about 10 minutes, the fog will disappear, which is a normal phenomenon. But if a large amount of water mist or even water droplets often appears and cannot be eliminated by turning on the lights, you need to check the sealing of the headlights. No matter what the situation is, do not use external heating to eliminate water vapor in the lamp, otherwise it may cause irreparable damage.

The more expensive the light bulb is, the better

The more expensive the bulb replacement, the better. You should choose the model that suits your car model. In addition, xenon lamp modification has strict requirements for the lighting system wiring and should not be done lightly. If modifications cause problems such as spontaneous combustion of the vehicle, the insurance company will not compensate!

What should I do if the headlights are foggy under normal circumstances? 2

Not all car lights are self-adjustable

It is best not to adjust the headlights of high-end cars casually. In addition, some vehicles have headlights with follow-up steering functions, so dont try to adjust them yourself.

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