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What should I do if there is water mist in the car headlights?

Hello everyone, I am Mrs. Jiang. Welcome to Mrs. Jiang to talk about cars. Generally, water mist in car headlights is caused by the reinforced sealing ring behind the headlights not being properly sealed or aging. Today, Mrs. Jiang will talk about the car. I would like to share with you the methods and techniques for dealing with water mist in lamps.

First of all, the first method is to remove the sealing ring behind the headlight, apply a circle of vegetable oil that we often eat at home, and then install the sealing ring.

That’s it.

The second method is to wrap tape around the sealing ring for a week, then tighten it and install it, so that as the car is used for a longer time, the headlights will dry out the water inside.

The third method is to reinforce and place a desiccant inside the headlight. The desiccant can absorb the water mist and water vapor inside the headlight. Although there is a desiccant in the original car, as the time of using the car becomes longer, the desiccant gradually loses its effectiveness. At this time, we need to buy such a desiccant ourselves and put it inside, and then reinforce it. .

What should I do if there is water mist in the car headlights? 1

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