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What should you pay attention to when modifying car headlights? If you know two things, you will be

This question can be said to be a question often mentioned by many car enthusiasts, so I will take this opportunity to talk about it today:

1. The first choice is to look at the lighting configuration:

In order to make their car more handsome and fashionable, many car enthusiasts will upgrade the headlights. So you must first understand what your car configuration is, because even if it is the same car, the headlights will be different due to different configurations. It will be different. Generally speaking, low configurations are usually equipped with halogen lamps, while high configurations are equipped with xenon lamps or LED lamps.

2. Check whether the original car has lenses:

What should you pay attention to when modifying car headlights? If you know two things, you will be  1

Here is an example of a raw halogen lamp, a halogen lamp without a lens and just a reflector bowl. When refitting, you need to drill or cut holes in the original lamp basin. Halogen lamps with lenses, because the new xenon lamps and old lenses may not match and are prone to astigmatism. In order to avoid this phenomenon, it is recommended to replace the xenon lamp bifocal lens with a new one and add a bracket for installation.

What should you pay attention to when modifying car headlights? If you know two things, you will be  2

3. See if decoding is needed:

Under normal circumstances, most of the models that need decoding are European and American cars, while popular Japanese cars will not need many decodings.

4. Purchase lamp modification products:

Don't choose some unknown brands because they are cheap. Such quality and service cannot be guaranteed. It is recommended to choose some famous brands, such as APA, Osram, Hella, etc.

1. Pay attention to the brand and quality of modified headlights

At present, there are many types of modification parts for car headlights, with huge price differences, which are confusing. Especially car headlights are directly related to personal safety when driving at night, so you must choose with special care. As for the more common halogen bulbs, they range from 30 yuan a pair to 400 yuan a pair. Bad off-brand bulbs not only have low brightness and limited life, but may also burn out the circuit; as for HID xenon headlights, different brands The price difference is also obvious. However, since HID xenon headlights are components with very complex processes and technologies, bad HIDs often have a short lifespan. The transformer box and bulb are easy to burn out, and the color temperature, brightness and scattering angle are also poor. Often they do not meet the requirements, so it is best to choose products from large manufacturers with a certain reputation, and do not be petty or lose the big.

What should you pay attention to when modifying car headlights? If you know two things, you will be  3

2. Modified headlights must comply with regulations

Foreign countries have many regulatory restrictions on automobile headlights, especially xenon headlights, and there are also clear regulations on their color temperature, brightness and angle. Although the current domestic regulations in this area are not perfect, you must also choose modified vehicles that comply with foreign safety regulations, because these regulations are based on the bottom line requirements of safe driving, and you cannot make fun of your own life. In addition, some domestic cities also have restrictions on headlights, so it is best to understand them before changing them.

3. When changing lights, you should consider others

Some car owners who have changed their xenon lamps often cause dissatisfaction among passers-by. On the one hand, some car owners choose HID lamps with too high color temperature to be cool in order to cool them down. This will particularly irritate the eyes of passers-by and drivers. Not only is it dazzling, it can also cause Affecting safety; on the other hand, many car owners do not pay attention to the rules for using lights at night, turning on high beams when passing cars, flashing lights randomly, etc. Due to the higher brightness after modification, such bad habit cars cause more harm to others and are even more disgusting.

What should you pay attention to when modifying car headlights? If you know two things, you will be  4

4. When changing the lamp, it is very important to pay attention to the calibration of the light type; if the lens is modified, attention should also be paid to the sealing and waterproofing of the headlight. After the modification, driving safety and comfort have been greatly improved, helping to relieve tension and effectively alleviate the fatigue of driving at night; if any danger occurs, the driver can detect it at the first time, which can be reduced to a considerable extent at night. Accidents occurred, so it is very popular among car enthusiasts.

Finally, it should be noted that there are many types of headlights on the market, and there are many unscrupulous dealers who will "change their appearance" and pretend that an ordinary halogen lamp is passed off as a xenon lamp. For example, one or more layers of blue coating are added to the glass tube of a halogen lamp to pass it off as a xenon lamp. Therefore, when you install xenon lamps, try to choose some larger and more formal modification shops.

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