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What should you pay attention to when upgrading car headlights?

I believe that all car owners have similar questions before upgrading their car lights. Can annual inspection be performed after upgrading the car lights?

What should you pay attention to when upgrading car headlights? 1

During the annual inspection, the appearance of the vehicle body must be consistent with the driving license, so some overly exaggerated modifications will not pass the annual inspection. But the lighting upgrade is different. It is just an internal modification of the car lights. As long as the lighting meets the regulations, it will not affect the annual inspection.

Light brightness

What should be noted here is that the low beam cannot be less than 1,000 lumens, and the high beam cannot be less than 1,450 lumens. At the same time, if the replacement car lights use too high lumens and the light is too strong, it will also cause the annual inspection to fail.

Illumination angle

What should you pay attention to when upgrading car headlights? 2

The state's requirements for the illumination angle of lights need to be anti-dazzling and not cause harm to other vehicles and pedestrians. Many vehicles that fail to pass the annual inspection are because they did not follow the requirements during modification. For example, the often-called high-beam dog is a modification method of modifying xenon lamps without adding a lens, which has seriously affected others. How to pass the annual inspection is very simple, that is to see whether the light angle is consistent with the original car's light bulb. The original car light may have insufficient brightness and color temperature, but the light pattern must be qualified.

Now you understand, car light upgrade car light modification, choose good quality bulbs with good light pattern, it is no problem for annual inspection. In addition, halogen lamps will show light after 6 months of use. Due to the problems of decay and insufficient brightness, its service life is not long, and this light cannot pass the annual inspection. Only by replacing it in time and upgrading it to high-brightness and non-dazzling car lights can you ensure safe travel.

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