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What to do if car headlights fog up How to prevent car headlights from fogging

What should I do if my car headlights fog up? How to prevent car headlight fogging? As we all know, car headlights play an important role in driving at night. In humid or rainy weather, it is easy for the headlights to produce water mist inside, which will have a great impact Car driving is safe, so how to prevent car headlight fog and what to do if car headlights fog up? Let’s learn this kind of car maintenance knowledge together. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

What to do if car headlights fog up How to prevent car headlights from fogging 1

The reason why car headlights have moist fog is that the headlights are not properly sealed, causing water to enter the interior of the headlights, or the lampshades are damaged and water vapor penetrates into the interior of the headlights. And what should you do if you encounter this situation?

1. Never bake the headlights. Doing so can easily damage the headlights. Because the exterior of the headlights are made of plastic, the extra heat can easily bake the lampshades, and most of this damage is irreparable.

What to do if car headlights fog up How to prevent car headlights from fogging 2

2. After the car lights are turned on for a period of time, the mist will be discharged out of the lights through the ventilation tube along with the hot air. This will basically not damage the headlights and electrical circuits. In this situation, driver friends should not act rashly.

3. In addition to weather changes, human factors can also cause car lights to turn into "tear eyes", such as vehicles wading in water, car washes, etc. When a vehicle is wading through water, since the engine and exhaust system themselves are relatively large heat sources, rainwater will form a large amount of water vapor on them. Some of the water vapor will enter the headlights along the breather pipe.

What to do if car headlights fog up How to prevent car headlights from fogging 3

4. Car washing is more straightforward. Some car owners like to use high-pressure water guns to wash the engine compartment. Watching the mud and leaves being repelled one by one by the high-pressure water guns in their hands, they feel an indescribable sense of pleasure. After flushing, the water vapor in the engine compartment is not dealt with in time. After the engine compartment cover is closed, the water vapor cannot be quickly dispersed outside the car, and the moisture trapped in the engine compartment may enter the headlights.

5. For cleaning work in the engine compartment, we should use cotton or cloth to wipe it, or use high-pressure air to blow it to avoid "moisture" in the engine part as much as possible.

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