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What to do if there is water mist in the car headlights

There is water mist in car headlights. It is estimated that many car owners are at a loss when encountering this situation. In fact, there is no need to be nervous. Water mist in headlights is very common. Let’s take a look at some tips to deal with water mist in car headlights.

What to do if there is water mist in the car headlights 1

No matter what type of headlight, there will be a ventilation rubber tube on the back cover of the headlight. The function of this rubber tube is to discharge the heat generated after the headlight is turned on and maintain the normal operating temperature of the headlight. We all know that a large amount of heat is generated from the moment the headlights are turned on until the headlights are used. But it is also the breather tube through which moisture in the air will enter the headlight and adhere to the lampshade. As the water vapor gathers, it forms water droplets and then flows down the lampshade. Generally, this situation occurs when the temperature difference is relatively large, and this situation often occurs in winter and seasons with more rain.

Car owners don’t have to worry if there is water mist in the car headlights. The best trick is to turn on the headlights. Generally, after the car lights are turned on for a period of time, the mist will be discharged out of the lights through the vent pipe along with the hot air, which will not cause any harm to the car. Damage to lights and circuits. If you have a car owner with a high-pressure air gun, you can also use the high-pressure air gun to blow into areas in the engine compartment that are prone to moisture accumulation to speed up the air flow and take away the moisture.

Some car owners asked if they could use a dryer to dry the surface of the headlights? The answer is no, because the lampshades of almost all car models are now made of plastic. If the baking temperature is too high, it can easily cause the headlights to age and turn yellow, or even crack when exposed to cold.

The situation mentioned above is all about water mist inside the headlight. If there is a lot of water, then this situation is basically a problem with the headlight seal. The only solution is to remove the headlight assembly and carefully check whether there is any damage inside. , after confirming that there is no damage, it is recommended to peel off the lampshade and assembly, dry them separately, and then reseal them. If the lampshade is damaged, it can only be replaced. However, now the 4S store does not replace the lampshade separately, but directly replaces the assembly.

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