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What you need to know about car light modification and upgrading bifocal lenses

When it comes to car light modification, I have to say that the bifocal lens car light modification solution is more popular now, but for most car enthusiasts, they don’t know much about it, so they are confused when changing the lights. So below we will Let me tell you what issues deserve our attention when upgrading bifocal lenses.

What you need to know about car light modification and upgrading bifocal lenses 1

Bifocal lens modification

How to choose a bifocal lens

First of all, as the name suggests, a bifocal lens integrates the function of switching between high and low light. The light source can be a xenon lamp lens or an LED lens. At this point, everyone has questions. Is it better to choose an LED lens or a xenon lamp lens? In fact, each has its own advantages. , but now it is generally better to choose LED lenses. After all, LED lenses have no delay, they light up immediately, and the technology is relatively mature, and the price is relatively stable and moderate. Xenon lamp lenses are more cost-effective.

What you need to know about car light modification and upgrading bifocal lenses 2

LED lens

Does upgrading the bifocal lens require modification of the original vehicle wiring?

Whether the wiring needs to be changed is a question that everyone is more concerned about. After all, wiring problems will affect car safety, such as spontaneous combustion, headlights not lighting up in the future, etc. As long as the car lights are modified in a professional car light modification shop, there is no need to change the wiring. Yes, directly connect the original car wiring. After the modification is completed, the headlights can be directly plugged in, so the original car wiring will not be affected.

What you need to know about car light modification and upgrading bifocal lenses 3

LED lens circuit

Is the power of the upgraded bifocal lens exceeding the standard?

The power issue is also a concern for everyone. Many car enthusiasts say that if the xenon lamp lens or LED lens is changed to be much brighter than the original car halogen lamp, will the power be higher than the original car halogen lamp? In fact, it is not. According to " Article 97 of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China stipulates that the power of headlights cannot exceed 60W, so the power of the original car's halogen lamp is between 55-60W. Taking the LED lens as an example, its low beam power is 35-37W. The high beam is between 45-50W, so it is within the power tolerance of the original car's headlights and will not affect the original car's wiring and battery. Remember not to upgrade a bifocal lens with too high power simply for the sake of brightness, to avoid posing safety risks.

What you need to know about car light modification and upgrading bifocal lenses 4

LED lens low beam paving effect

It’s almost over here. I believe all car friends have understood it. If there is still something you don’t understand, please leave your car model below in the comments, and we will customize a special car light modification plan for you.

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