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When driving at night, which car light is the most lethal?

When driving at night, which car light is the most lethal? 1

"Oh," this is too dazzling. I will also turn on a big light. You shine on me, and I will shine on you. I will shine on you to death. You will never turn on high beam again in your life. Most of my friends are basically like this. this reaction.

This matter, how should I put it, is not advisable. It may cause the car to crash and kill people. Moreover, if you are so angry, others may just forget to turn off the high beam.

Your angry mood may not be able to be transmitted to the opposite carriage. Only New Tech like Amuro in Gundam can.

When driving at night, which car light is the most lethal? 2

Nowadays, car technology is iterating very quickly. There are all kinds of car lights, such as halogen, LED, pitch array LED, and xenon.

Which one is the most harmful to the eyes? Today I want to share with you, and I will tell you what we should do when we are actually photographed by someone.

Which type of car light is most harmful to the eyes?

Light sources exceeding 106cd/m2 will damage the eyes

First of all, in terms of light source intensity, any car lights will damage the eyes. The maximum bright point value of visible light that the eyes can withstand is basically 106 candelas per square meter.

This is what we buy on monitors and TVs. Its called the CD value. Its a square meter marked by the CD slash. Its a unit of light intensity, called candela, or you might say its called CD.

Car lights require light source intensity above 15,000

As long as it exceeds 106, the eyes will feel uncomfortable, and in severe cases, the retina will be damaged. So how bright are our car lights?

According to China's annual inspection standards for car lights, the candela of the high beam of a new car must exceed 18,000. If it has been used for a period of time, the candela of a second-hand or old car must exceed 15,000.

The one in front is 106, and here is 15000. Directly shining it will definitely cause damage to the eyes. No matter what kind of car lights, this standard is placed over there, otherwise it will fail the annual inspection.

High-intensity headlights are needed to see the road clearly

So why is there such a big difference? Car lights are used to illuminate the road. When they shine on the ground and are reflected back to your eyes, they look just right and you need to be able to see clearly.

That is to say, no matter what kind of light, it will cause great damage to the eyes, as long as the high beam is not used normally.

Halogen lamps are least harmful to eyes

Today we will talk about which one is the most powerful, right? In terms of color spectrum, xenon lamps and LED lamps are more harmful to human eyes than halogen lamps.

On the one hand, the brightness of the halogen lamp itself will be lower. Another important reason is that the distance it illuminates is relatively short.

The low beam range of ordinary halogen headlights is 50 meters, and the high beam range is 200 meters, which is considered excellent.

Halogen lamp has warm light and short illumination distance

In addition, its color is warmer, which makes it visually friendly to the senses, easier for the eyes and eyeballs to accept, and it looks relatively good.

Moreover, the light is not very far away, and it will not be illuminated all the way there until a passing car passes by, which means that the time it is illuminated is also shorter.

The xenon lamp has a long irradiation distance and is very irritating to the eyes.

You can think of xenon lamps as fluorescent lamps. This light is blue-white. In some cases, xenon lamps are relatively irritating to human eyes.

And once the high beam is turned on, its illumination distance is longer, which means you can see its high beam earlier.

Then it takes a longer time to look at the high beam, completing such a convergence process, and the eye damage will be greater.

The brightest LED light is very harmful to the eyes

As for LED, it is the brightest light source among the three types of lights.

A few small pieces can illuminate the entire sky. Like xenon lamps, they are bluish light and can cause serious eye damage.

Taken together, LED is larger than xenon lamps, and xenon lamps are larger than halogen lamps.

Color temperature and illumination distance affect the illumination duration

Its core is two things, one is whether it is warm-colored light or cold-colored light, and the other is its illumination distance that directly leads to the length of time when we see each other's high beams.

It is different. The LED shines the farthest and the longer the time, the higher the overall damage caused.

Which lighting methods will aggravate the damage of car lights to human eyes?

Well, what we just talked about is the types of lamps. Lets talk about how to use this lamp. One is of course to directly shine it on you, which will cause dizziness and tears.

Exposure to light may cause temporary blindness

If the intensity is too high, it will directly lead to a temporary decrease in pupil adjustment ability, which in vernacular means temporary blindness.

Dont listen to the fact that blindness seems very far away from you. Anyone who has played CS games or likes to watch military and war movies knows that there is something called a flash bomb. If you throw it out, it will go "bang", and the whole screen will go white, and you will not be able to see anything clearly.

Xenon lamps and LED lamps are more dangerous

This high-beam headlight, especially a xenon headlight or an LED headlight, can cause such an effect that you cannot see anything clearly when it is directly illuminated, which is quite dangerous.

If you try driving with your eyes closed for half a minute, you will easily get into a dangerous situation.

Switching high beam headlights when meeting another car is a safety hazard

Another way is to get angry. Originally, I turned on the low beam headlights, but the high beam headlights from the other side came over me. Suddenly I turned the low beam to high beam.

For the driver on the opposite side, it is equivalent to saying that a bright light suddenly comes and can easily cause blindness.

Maybe you just feel uncomfortable when he shines his light on you. If you raise your head and take the picture like this, he can't see clearly and he bumps into our own car. This is not advisable.

Is there any way to reduce the damage caused by car lights to the eyes?

There is another kind of person who is very impatient and has to repeatedly switch between low beam and high beam. In the local dialect, it is called raising the headlight and flashing "swish, swish, swish" in that direction.

The flash in this dance hall is very exciting, and the flash on the road is going to cause a traffic accident. I don't recommend it very much, so what should we do?

Buy night vision glasses that filter out stray light

The first, more scientific but expensive way is to consider using night vision glasses that are specially designed for night vision and filter stray light.

It can reduce the irritation of high beam to the eyes as much as possible while ensuring the field of vision. It only reduces and plays a protective role.

Just like the more clothes you wear, the warmer you will be, but when you walk in the snow at minus 20 degrees and on the road at zero degrees, the temperature your body feels is different.

It is equivalent to putting a mask on your eyes or wearing a cotton-padded jacket. This is the first more scientific but expensive way of protection.

Look towards the line of the road in the lower right corner

When meeting cars, they usually come from the front left, right? Let's look at the lower right corner. The lower right corner is staring at the line of the road. We drive along this line. Generally speaking, we will not yaw, and the amount of light entering the eyeball is the smallest.

As the saying goes, this light shines on the white part of our eyeballs, because my pupils avoid the position directly illuminated by your headlight.

I can't get angry anymore. I feel uncomfortable. If you shine a light on me, I have to brake suddenly. If you shine a light on me, I have to slow down. If you shine a light on me, I have to turn one eye to look at the lines of the road. I feel uncomfortable. Do you have any? Method?

Report to the traffic police car owners who use high beams improperly

If you have the means, you can go to the traffic police to report car owners who use high beams improperly. Article 48 of the "Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China":

On roads without central isolation facilities or without a center line, low beam lights must be used when meeting vehicles 150 meters away. Low beam lights must also be used on narrow roads and bridges. If high beam lights are used, it is illegal and will be fined. Deduct money.

Indiscriminate use of high beams will result in fines and points deductions

Different localities have different policies. In Shenzhen, a penalty of 300 yuan will deduct one point, while in Jinan and Xi'an, a penalty of 100 yuan will deduct one point.

You will be fined anyway. You are really angry. Write down the license plate number. You have a driving recorder anyway, so you can take a picture of it, right?

Dial 114 to check the reporting and complaint hotline

Write down the license plate number and call to report the complaint. Complaints like this can basically be investigated by 114. In the transportation industry, highway law enforcement departments can call 114 and they can make complaints.

I would also like to appeal to all my driving friends here. This low beam headlight can adapt to 89% of such road conditions and situations.

There were no street lights around, no cars in front, and no one on the left. When it was pitch dark, turning on the high beam was enough.

You should use high beam correctly when driving

It is true that we bought the car ourselves, and we have the final say in how we use it, but we are not the only cars on the road. If you dont hit others, what will happen if others hit you?

Your high-beam headlights are particularly likely to cause this situation. You should take a closer look when driving to see if you have forgotten to turn off the high-beam headlights. You might as well find out.

What should I do if my car light bulbs are getting dimmer? How to change a light bulb yourself?

Since we are talking about headlights here, I have prepared some articles in the past. For example, my car is driving smoothly over there, but the light bulb is getting darker and darker with the car turned on. What should I do?

Do we have to go to 4S to pay and get ripped off to solve this problem?

I searched for information later and found that for many cars, even if they have xenon lamps, you can change the light bulbs for tens of dollars and you can do it yourself. I recorded it as a video. Follow this step-by-step video and you'll get it done right away.

This is not just a matter of money, it is convenient because you dont have to queue up, and when you chat with people, they feel that you are more powerful.

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