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Why do headlights sometimes fog up?

Causes of fog

When hot, humid air encounters a cold object, the hot air liquefies into tiny water droplets on the surface of the object. This is the fog we see.

Why do headlights fog up?

Why do headlights sometimes fog up? 1

As shown in the picture: the car light is not a completely sealed space, and is equipped with air intake and exhaust holes. Therefore, there is normal air with moisture in the car lights.

When will the fog dissipate?

When the headlights are turned on for a period of time and the temperature of the lampshade is relative to the temperature of the hot air in the lampshade, no new fog will be generated, and the fog that has been generated will slowly evaporate and disappear.

Why do headlights fog up after it rains or is washed?

When it rains or the car is washed, the temperature of the car lamp cover becomes lower, and the hot air in the headlight encounters the cold lamp cover, causing fog.

Why is the fog always concentrated in a certain corner?

The temperature is high where the headlight shines, and the fog is easy to dissipate. However, the temperature of the parts at the edge of the headlight that are not illuminated by the light angle is still low, and the fog dissipates slowly, so there is fog in some places.

Will foggy headlights affect the life of the bulbs?

The life of the bulb mainly depends on the bulb wire and the voltage of the bulb, so please feel free to use it without any impact.

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