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Why do some experienced drivers think that halogen lights are the best car lights?

Why do some experienced drivers think that halogen lights are the best car lights? 1

Many old driver friends still insist that halogen lamps are the best car lights.

This is actually a bit like many friends who think Fruit 4 is the best mobile phone. On the one hand, it has design, on the other hand, it has feelings, and on the other hand, the experience is indeed good.

Why do experienced drivers think halogen lights are the best car lights?

  • Many experienced drivers used this from the beginning.

First of all, halogen lamps appeared relatively early.

Sun Ruihong, Li Zongxian and others published a paper in the "The 13th Cross-Strait Lighting Technology and Marketing Symposium Special Report and Proceedings", "Research on the Application of High-Power LED in Car Headlight Lighting", which was mentioned in it.

Why do some experienced drivers think that halogen lights are the best car lights? 2

Halogen lamps replaced incandescent lamps in the 1970s and began to be used in car headlights; in the 1990s, HID lamps, also known as xenon lamps, were only now developed.

It will not be until 2007 that LED lights will be used as car headlights.

And even in the past few years, halogen lamps still accounted for the largest proportion, and most of my friends may still be exposed to halogen lamps.

Zhiyan Consulting released an "Analysis of Demand and Market Size of the Automotive Lighting Industry in 2018", which has data.

In 2016, the penetration rate of halogen lamps was still 60%, more than half, and the proportion before that was of course higher.

Why do some experienced drivers think that halogen lights are the best car lights? 3

At this time, as long as the halogen lamp is not particularly bad to use, it will be sentimental to experienced drivers and friends.

It's like: Although Nokia was eliminated a few years ago, many people still miss Nokia and have a special feeling for Nokia. Even if a smartphone comes out, they will buy a Nokia smartphone to play with.

  • Halogen lamps do have certain advantages

And the halogen lamp is really similar to the Nokia of the year, so it's not bad at all.

Even compared to the later xenon lamps and LED lamps, they still have some advantages in the three aspects that I will talk about later.

Why do some experienced drivers think that halogen lights are the best car lights? 4

The first one, of course, is the price.

Refer to the data on the Industry Information Network: For the same headlight, a halogen lamp costs about 200 to 250 yuan; a xenon lamp costs 400 to 500; LED is naturally more expensive, 1,000 to 1,500.

There is always a time when the light bulb needs to be replaced. You may not have cared about it when you bought it. Basically, you have to bear the replacement cost yourself. For 300 yuan, you may be able to replace the assembly directly. The halogen lamp is not distressing. Right?

In addition, the penetrability of halogen lamps is much better than that of LED lamps. Many experienced drivers think that halogen lamps are better and safer.

Why do some experienced drivers think that halogen lights are the best car lights? 5

As mentioned in our previous videos, when light is scattered in rain and fog, according to the principles of Rayleigh scattering law and Mie scattering: the higher the color temperature of light, the worse the penetration effect.

Generally, the color temperature of halogen lamps is around 3000K (Kelvin). The color temperature of LED lamps is generally 5500K. Some cars have a color temperature of 4300K. The color temperature of LEDs may be higher, and the penetrability is not as good as that of halogen lamps.

This means: when driving in rainy and foggy days, halogen lights have a certain advantage. You might as well take a look. Are the fog lights on most friends’ cars yellow or white? Right?

Finally, another point is that the halogen lamp does not look tired. How can I say this?

Yan Yonghong, Yan Ning and others published a paper in the journal "Civil Architecture and Environmental Engineering", "The Effect of Light Source Color Temperature on Brain Wave Rhythm and Learning Efficiency", which is mentioned above.

Why do some experienced drivers think that halogen lights are the best car lights? 6

The difference in the change rate of brain wave index under different color temperatures and light intensities is significant.

Brain excitability and sensitivity will increase with the color temperature and illumination value of the light source, but fatigue will be more likely to occur under high color temperature and high illumination conditions.

The color temperature and illumination of halogen lamps are relatively lower. Turning on the lights at night makes it easier on the eyes.

  • Some experienced drivers have only used halogen lamps

In addition, a small number of driver friends have only used halogen lamps, and have never used xenon lamps or LED lamps. At this time, they feel even more certain that the halogen lamps on their cars are invincible and the best to use.

It's just like playing a game. If someone asks you what game is fun, you will definitely say the game you played, right? This is also the case.

Wang Lan of Sichuan Normal University has a master's thesis that I would like to share with you, "Research on the Sequence Effect in the Learning Process of Social Opposition Theory - Taking Psychology Theory Learning as an Example", which was mentioned above.

Why do some experienced drivers think that halogen lights are the best car lights? 7

The order will have a certain impact on people's understanding of information. The information presented first will have a greater impact on the individual than the information presented later.

To put it bluntly: You may have heard about xenon headlights, LED headlights, and all kinds of weird matrix functions later on, and you have seen various pictures on the Internet.

But my first impression is that the halogen lamp is easy to use. I think it is good. There is no way. This happens.

Are halogen lights really the best car lights?

Are halogen lights really the best car lights? From a technical point of view, obviously not.

Ling Ming, Zhang Jianwen and others published a paper in the journal "Journal of Illuminating Engineering", "Development Trends of Automotive Lamps", as mentioned above.

Why do some experienced drivers think that halogen lights are the best car lights? 8

A common trend from A-class cars to E-class cars is that the use and market share of LEDs are increasing.

This is because LED has the advantages of no delay, environmental protection, energy saving, longevity, low temperature, earthquake resistance, high color purity, etc., and has become an inevitable replacement for tungsten lamps and halogen lamps.

To put it bluntly: halogen lamps are indeed very good and very classic, but the advantages of LED lamps are obviously greater, and it is only a matter of time before they replace halogen lamps.

And according to TrendForce’s analysis: In 2020, the penetration rate of LED headlights has reached 53.1% in global passenger cars, which is more than half.

If the penetration rate of LED headlights is placed on electric vehicles alone, it is as high as 85%.

Why do some experienced drivers think that halogen lights are the best car lights? 9

Even for family cars that cost over RMB 100,000, only the lowest and second-lowest models now use halogen lamps. Some more generous cars, and cars with higher and better configurations, all have LED headlights.

The halogen lamp I used at the beginning was okay, and the mood bonus

Therefore, in general, the reason why experienced drivers think halogen lamps are the best car lights is mainly because the car used halogen lamps from the beginning, which has a sentimental bonus.

In addition, halogen lamps are indeed a good choice and are still a good choice now, and the natural impression is very good.

Why do some experienced drivers think that halogen lights are the best car lights? 10

Replace halogen lamps, why are LED lamps better than xenon lamps?

But there are also many veteran driver friends who think: xenon lamps look more advanced, and LED lamps are eye-catching, and they feel itchy. Do I want to replace my candle lamp? Yes or no? Upgrade it.

Xenon lamps or LED lamps, which one should I choose when upgrading? Why do some people say that LED lights are better than xenon lights? Besides being expensive, what’s so good about it? right?

Some people say that it is troublesome to upgrade the car lights. Can I change the light bulb inside? Where do you replace the light bulb? "Oh yo" Change Audi's light bulbs, right? Isn’t Audi a lighting manufacturer?

Why is Audi called a "light factory"? Are its lights really different from others? Isn’t Audi a Volkswagen? Are all other brands under the Volkswagen Group just lamp manufacturers?

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