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Why does fog appear in car headlights? How to prevent water from entering the headlight?

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Recently, the editor has noticed that some vehicles parked on the roadside have fog accumulated inside their headlights, and in severe cases, there is water accumulation. I believe that many car drivers have encountered fog inside the headlights of their vehicles, but why does water get into the headlights?

Why does fog appear in car headlights? How to prevent water from entering the headlight? 1

This phenomenon mostly occurs in winter and rainy seasons. There may also be some personal factors that cause water to enter the headlights. There are many reasons for water intrusion. For example, in the material of the headlights, the sealing ring does not meet the size, the edge of the headlights Insufficient amount of glue applied on the first layer and factors such as the surrounding environment.

Why does fog appear in car headlights? How to prevent water from entering the headlight? 2

In addition, no matter what type of headlight, there is a ventilation rubber tube on the back cover. Moisture in the air may also enter the inside of the headlight from this ventilation tube to form water mist.

● What are the consequences and impacts after water enters the headlight?

The impact of water entering the headlights to form fog or long-term water accumulation should not be underestimated. This phenomenon will directly affect the lighting effect of the lamp, the service life of the bulb, and the appearance quality. If there is a lot of water entering, it may directly cause a short circuit and burn out light bulbs, fuses, and circuits. At this time, the maintenance cost is also quite high.

● How to prevent water in the headlights and suggestions?

Why does fog appear in car headlights? How to prevent water from entering the headlight? 3

1. If there is relatively slight water mist, you can drive the car and turn on the headlights for about 15 to 20 minutes, and the water mist will disappear automatically. If there is serious water accumulation inside, it is recommended to replace the headlight directly.

2. To prevent water intrusion, apply a layer of glass glue to the crack between the back cover of the headlight and the light distribution mirror.

3. The editor learned from a netizen’s own car test that the method of blocking the breather pipe with a sponge seems to be effective. If possible, everyone should try it.


The editor recommends that all drivers and card lovers develop a good habit of using and maintaining their cars. In addition, do all card lovers have better ways to prevent water in the headlights and solve them?

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